Who Bought all this Stuff?

We are busy packing. And packing. And packing. At this point it time, it seems reasonable to suggest that we may never finish going through all the stuff we have apparently dragged into this place over the years.

Books. We have donated hundreds of pounds of books to the local Morro Bay library. Stuffed them into shopping bags so that we could actually lift them. And when I say lift, I mean lift. You lift the bag into the car. You lift the bag out of the car. You lift the bag to place in on a hand dollie. You lift it off and put it in the store room with all the other books that have been donated. And then you notice that you are single-handedly responsible for most of the books in the room. 20 bags perhaps. Or 30. Who counts?

And I discovered today that we have not one, not two, but three bags of organic plant food tucked away in a cabinet. And Miracle Gro coming out our ears.

Nails. Ray has a collection of ancient nails I never knew about. They appear to have been collected for the past 40 years. All shapes and sizes. Some rusted, some not.

Old cords to long ago appliances. We are especially rich in cords from electronics of the music variety. The appliances…gone. But we kept the cords. Just in case, I guess.

Hats with stains. Sweat stains. Paint stains. Wine stains. Hats just faded from the sun. Why did we keep them? Who knows. But we did and now we get to throw them away.

And did I mention my tea cup collection? OMG. I must have over 100 antique tea cups from England, mostly. These tea cups, like so many of our things, are well traveled. They started in Paso Robles, moved to the bay area, moved on down to San Diego still wrapped in newspaper from Paso Robles Press circa 1953, back to Cayucos and here they reside. These are going to be put in an antique shop and I’ll see if anyone in the entire universe wants a fancy tea cup…or 100.

Heritage Santa Village porcelain xmas trees, santa’s workshop, elves, boxes and boxes of this stuff. An entire village I guess. They were gifts from his ex and we won’t have room or the inclination to display them…so they too will get the antique shop booth routine. Maybe someone wants this stuff. Who knows. Not me.

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