We’re not here anymore… we are almost in Syndey!

We are jetting over the Pacific in a huge plane that hold 450 passengers and 22 crew. It’s am A380-800 airbus. Never did see it from outside. We walked through some tunnels and we were magically on board. Looking out my window I see our side of the ship as 4 monsterous engines. Glad about that. And did I mention the loos are just own the hall a few from our economy premiere seats. You get more legroom, the seat goes back a bit more and it’s tolerable though expensive. But considering this trip is 15 hours and that’s equivilent of flying from LAX to Wash, D,C. and back again and then back again…without stopping it is really a long fight. And then there was getting to the flight.

We arose at 6:30 to get ready to leave on our adventure. Much to do at the last minute. At 10:30ish we drove to Avis to get a rental car. Decidedly cheaper to rent a car at each end so we can keep our cars at home for our Australian guests! Then we pushed back from the gate (our garage) around noon headed for LAX.

Had to stop in Santa Barbara to return a bowl to the house rental agency, I inadvertantly took one of their bowls home and so I needed to retun it. We exited the freeway in Santa Barbara and the phone rang. It was a friend suggesting a beer. What were the chances he’d call just as we are desparately seeking the address. Had to cut that conversation short because I had to jump out to return the bowl and Ray was calling so could not talk. As I walked to the front of the buidling, a woman in a gray car at the curb said, “”I’m having trouble finding a parking space. I’ll be right back”. I asked her id she knew me? She said, “well, aren’t you here for the counseling today?” I assured her I might need it but didn’t have any plans for counseling. Too funny.

Then we jetted down to LAX, had dinner at Rock ‘N Fish in Manhatten Beach and then headed to the airport where we hung out til fight time. Oh, the only thing that went wrong is that I did not remember to get the charger for the iphone out of the car. EEEEEEKKKKKKKK. Ray had a mild meltdown. I suggested he just shoot me. That didn’t happen. So I got on the phone and the internet and tried to reach someone, anyone that could help. What a joke. After about 30 minutes I did find a website where I could post my info. I think we can safely say that charger will never been seen again. Of course, I hope I’m wrong.

We boarded the plane, It was busy as LAX for there we sat for the best part of an hour and then took off about 11:20 p.m. We had our own screens, so I decided to watch Bridesmaids. Ray kept telling me to “ssssshhhhhh’. It was laugh-out-loud funny. Had some dessert and wine and an ambien. Went to sleep about 2 a.m PST. Woke up at who knows what time. It was about 2 more hours today and breakfast to eat. That was one quick flight. And Qantas is fabulous!!! Food and drink were yummy.

Oh, and did I mention when we checked in for our flight, the woman behind the counter asked if we had our visas. We handed her our credit card. No, she said, an official travel visa. Opps. We didn’t know we needed one. OMG. Well, not to worry, for $25/person, we got visas to visit Australia for 1 year. More to come.

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