Website help needed

Here I am in Corvallis.  It’s  been an interesting time here, a beautiful little city.  Not too hot so we’re taking walks, shopping for new stuff (junk), arranging for phone, gas, water, sewage, garbage, electricity services.  Much time spent on the phone.  Amazing that it took me 51 minutes, mostly on hold, with AT&T to get a land line ordered.  Really.

So, with all these secretarial type activities, I decided to work on my website which at this moment (last night) a complete and utter disaster.  Don’t ask me why.  I can’t figure it out.  Can’t crack the code.  Can’t get er done.  Frustration was so high, that yesterday I logged into the Sandvox software user’s former and cried out for help…something to the tune of, “I’m desperate in Corvallis.  If anyone nearby could help me figure out this program so that I could get my website organized, please email me.”.  And guess what?  Someone did.  He lives in Portland and does web designing and was familiar with Sandvox.  So after a series of emails, he convinced me that Sandvox was a lousy program and that I needed WordPress, another program that is used by vritually everyone not named Dianna.  So, I entered into an agreement with him and for $200 he would re-do my website in WordPress and furnish me with the user name and password once his work was done and bill paid.  So…here I sit waiting for to hear from him.  I am very excited.  One of the interesting things he did was to let me join him on his computer through the magic of the internet and watch him work.  OMG.  He moved around so quickly it made my head swim.  I can see now that I have been quite foolish trying to do this on my own.  It took me weeks to do what he did in a few minutes.  And since time is money, I have pennywise and pound foolish.  OH, well.  Enough self-flogging.

Ryan, number one son, is sick with a cold.  We sit here waiting for him to arrive so that we can go to breakfast.  I’m looking forward to blueberry pancakes!!  Ray and Ry ordered them yesterday and they were fabulous.  My mouth waters.

Other than the stone cabin with no air conditioning, this trip has been a normal one.  Read boring to blog about.  We’re staying at a Best Western in Corvallis and it is very comfortable.  The Beauman likes it.  He hasn’t even barked.  We have a first floor unit with a fenced patio so he can go out to sniff.  It also has a couch, three chairs, a table, microwave, refrig, huge TV.  Oh, and a king bed.  Nice.

So…I guess all this to say I will announce a new website in a few hours.  Same name.  New look.  Can’t wait!!

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