Walla Walla Walla

img_0364It is so frustrating getting, say, up in years.  As has been our whole lives, nothing stays static.  Everything changes all the time.  And that is how it is.  Fine.  However, as we grow older, the changes are coming at such a clip, it is disorienting.  It seems so hard to keep up with the latest stuff.

Case in point.  We have a new Dog House.  It has the latest and greatest electronic stuff (a technical term).  Only, we can’t get anything to work.  Holy, moly.  What the heck?  I spend hours, days, weeks?  I don’t know.  A lot of time trying to stay up with the latest this and that,  And what does it get me?  I still can’t get Netflix on the RV TV.  I still can’t access my DirectV in my RV.

Life almost isn’t worth living.  The debate is tomorrow night and I can’t watch it on my channel of choice.  Deplorable!!

But I digress.

We had a fabulous day today as drove from Tigard, Oregon to Walla Walla, WA.  What a wonderful trip.  We followed the Columbia River and traveled east through the Columbia River Gorge.  And as we moved east, the landscape changed from evergreen conifers to cliffs with nary a tree.  And yet, the grand old river rolled along.  It is sad in a way because they have dammed the river about 270 times.  It doesn’t stand a chance at being a wild woman.  It is stifled.  It is calm.  It is controlled.  It is sad in a way.  But still, it is awesome and beautiful.  I just sort of feel sorry for her, the Columbia River.


The landscape changes so radically, that it reminds me that rain is a good thing.  As we moved east, the landscape looked like moonscape.  We could have been in Nevada, for heaven’s sakes.  With water.  Perhaps Lake Mead.  Just saying.

And as we moved east, the traffic eased.  The entire trip followed the river as did the train tracks.  On both sides of the Columbia there are train tracks and they are used extensively.  Didn’t count the number trains we saw but it was more than a few.  And at one point, we observed a train coming out of a mountain.  Turns out there was a tunnel and we drove our RV over the tunnel which we would not have known was there if we hadn’t been in the right place at the right time.  Amazing.

It does appear to me that the eastern part of Washington is suffering from a drought.  I might be wrong.  But I might be right.  There are miles of irrigated crops here.  Guess they don’t have to drill down far to reach water with the mighty Columbia nearby.  However, I do wonder about the effects of global warming up here.

We are now in an RV park in Walla Walla.

Welcome to Walla Walla

Tomorrow we will play golf and we can walk to the course.  It is right next door.  We drove to town, about 3 minutes and had dinner tonight.  It was 85 degrees so we ate out on the sidewalk.  So much fun.  Discussed moving to Oregon.  I think we are going to do it.  My family on my dad’s side is here.  Ryan, number one son, is here.  We have had such a good time with them on this trip, it seems the dye (die?) is cast.  I am having a hard time with this but then I think of the wonderful family life we’ll enjoy and I say.  Well, okay.  What the heck.

Change is good.  Except when it comes to electronics.  And then it sucks.


p.s.  the picture at the beginning is my new pair of shoes I bought for the wedding.  Love them.  Hope you do too!!


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