Versailles in two hours

The first image above is a movie.  The picture to the left is Diana goddess of the hunt and is painted on the ceiling.  The picture on the right is Ray and Ryan at the entrance of the hall of mirrors.  Mind blowing.

I strained my neck area.  Which means I couldn’t turn my head to the right and it really, really hurt.  So we could only go left.  Only kidding.  This meant that I slept in after an emotionally draining day at the WWll beaches.  That meant we got a late start toward Versailles, which meant that we arrived late.  However, we saw the water shows and the hall of mirrors and it was fabulous, though short.  Enough time to figure out that Louis took the spoils of war and spent them on himself and his monument and it must be the most fabulous palace in the world!!!  Even took a picture of Diana, Goddess of the hunt!!!  It was a long day with a lot of driving and not getting lost for once!!!  We are getting better at not getting lost.  A great deal of credit can be given to Ryan, our expert map reader!!!  When we left the palace, we drove back to La Ferte St. Aubin.  We ate at a restaurant and I was able to convey that Ryan wanted his steak med-rare by declaring, “ moyenne rose (pronounced like the wine)!!”  That means medium (moyenne) and pink (rose loosely used).  Very creative.  She got the drift and laughed!!  So much fun trying to speak francais.  Rayman is excelling.  I’m struggling but persistent.  Every once in a while I manage to be understood!!!

But I digress.  We visited the Bayeau tapestry that depicts William the Conquerer invading England to eventually become King of England.  This is a must-see if you ever visit here.  Couldn’t take pictures.  Not allowed.   A great internet site is listed here.  Just copy and paste into the address bar.  It takes a few minutes to load but it is fabulous!!

We also fell into a small restaurant for lunch and had the local Normandy fare.  It was a galette with ratatouille, lardons (read bacon) and gruyere fromage.  With locally produced apple cidre (cider).  C’est bon!!!  Oh, and we found a fabulous patisserie (pastry shop).  Bought chocolat goodies.  I got a grown-up version of a mallomar, Ray got a chocolat macaroon.  Ryan got a chocolate layered thingie.  They were unbelievable and about 2000 calories each.  But hey, we’re on vacances (vacation)!!


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