Travels with the Beaumeister


Okay, people, I’m going to give you my version of events today.


Caesar in repose

Caesar in repose


As a dog, I am quite privileged.  My masters, Rayman and Traveling Princess, decided to bring me along on their 22nd anniversary trip to Oregon.  Bowser wowser!!  The morning was frantic.  Packing clothes, taking the car to the garage for something called a master break cylinder.  Boy, I was relieved, when I found out it involved the car and not me.  More packing ensued.  Traveling Princess aka mom, took me and our fish, Beethoven, to Uncle Ralph’s house.  It was very exciting because a cat named Caesar was there.  I tried to be friendly but Caesar was a bit aloof.  And Uncle Ralph wanted me to sit a lot.  I wanted to play with Caesar.  Oh, well.  When we returned, mom and dad (Rayman) threw things into the car and off we went.  We got lost trying to find a Dr.’s office.  Mom got directions on the phone and they were wrong.  A call was placed and directions received.  When they pulled up to the office, mom dropped her driver’s license and healthcare card between the seat and the console and couldn’t get it out so she left it with to do.  Then mom went inside and was gone for the longest time.  Dad found the license and card, took it in to the office then fed me, watered me and gave me a walk.  What a nice dad I have.  When she returned she was in a very good mood and off we went again.  She reported to dad that the Dr. thinks she needs to up her salt intake and she needs to get an EEG to verify that her brain is functioning properly which he expects the test to reveal.  Yippee.  She actually got to see the scan of her brain and was really excited that it was indeed there in her head.  And the Dr. assured her that lapses of memory when busy or flustered are fairly normal for a woman her age.



Moi in repose

We stopped in the InNOut Burger in Atascadero and I got to sniff a lot of really interesting things as they ate outside and let me be with them.  Then it was off again in the car for hours.  We stopped at a gas station but I was not allowed out.  What’s with them already?  Don’t they know I need to stretch and walk too?  They then hightailed it out of the station in King City and the next thing you know, we were stopping in Gilroy (I had some quality sleeping while traveling) and they let me out to walk, stretch, drink water and lift my leg, so to speak.  Bow wow!!

Off again we went.  Mom drove us to Vacaville and we checked into a Hampton Inn where I was greeted with great enthusiasm by the night crew.  And actually, two people at the InNOut place stopped to admire me.  I’m very special and many people take note.  And I do work hard to be special because I’m given treats when I do what they order me to do.  Sit, down, release, stay, heel.  These are many of the commands they utter and when I do them, I’m rewarded.  Pretty cool.

You probably wonder what it is like traveling with these two.  Well, they talk a lot.  To each other.  Every once in a while they say hi to me but mostly they talk to each other.   Mom told dad all about the head Dr.  He was really tall and slender and had enormous feet, a substantial neck (vertically speaking).  His fingers were very long too.   She told him she was very pleased to meet him and he said it was good to have an appointment where good news was evident.  But I digress.

They talked about Obamacare.  They talked about the light traffic at night.  They talked about the planned golf on the trip.  Mom made a hotel reservation for tonight.  That took a long time.  As a dog, I’m not very impressed.  Now if they talked about cats, dogs, dog food, cats, food…well, I’m all over it.  Much of their conversation was concerning Uncle Ralph’s well being and current news events.  They also looked back and remembered when they met, where they went, what they did.  Mushy but sweet.  Apparently.

So, here I am.  At the Inn, stretched across the bed, luxurating in grand style.  And so happy to be included in the latest adventure.  When mom and dad arrived, they poured some red wine and drank it while eating dark chocolate.  Mom spilled wine on her nightie…and then spent time trying to get the wine out.  After that, well, that’s when they looked at the route tomorrow and figured we’d only be on the road about 4 hours.  Bow wow.  That is great news.  We are heading out in the morning for Mt. Shasta and they have their restaurant for dinner picked out if it is OPEN on Tuesday.  And we’re staying in a really cool place there.  Bow wow.







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