Travel to Virginia

4 a.m. came early.  After our day of cooking and partying, we had to get up to make a plane out of San Francisco at 12:02 p.m.  And we were still home.

So…up we jumped.  Being remarkably organized, the only thing we really had to do is father ourselves, shower/wash hair, throw the toilet items together, make a turkey sandwich for each, and get our stuff into the car.  And 5:09 we were backing out of the garage.  Uhm, Ray, did you remember to cover the barbecue?  No, so back in the garage, lid on the barbecue and off we went.  It is quite dark at the time of the morning…and cold, about 38 degrees.  As we headed up Old Creek Road, the temperature kept dropping and it was 24 in Paso Robles.  We didn’t stop.  Up 101 to Soledad to get some coffee at Starbucks and money at the bank machine.  Burrrrrrr.

Next stop, Sunnyvale.  Cousin Susie, called on thanksgiving to say she was going to leave her noise cancelling (and to hear her tell it) turbulence canceling Bose earphones in her back yard so that if I wish to use them on our trip, I could stop by.

Because we made good time, we decided to stop by and pick them up.  Well, after visiting a few minutes, Kristen (Susie’s darling daughter) volunteered to drive us to the airport.  OH, could we impose?  However, they did not see it as an imposition and they would also pick us up when we return.  Wow!!!  Was that fabulous or what?  We went for it.  And before you knew it, Kristen and Larry (Sue’s fabulous hubby), were headed to the airport with us.  It was so much fun!!

Door to door service unplanned.  How fabulous is that?

We found a place to eat our turkey sandwiches and when we were done there was a lull at the “let’s find a bomb” screening station and we zipped right thru…well, Ray did.  They found something in my bag that necessitated a 1/2 hour search…for a wine opener.  Color it gone.

Soon we were jetting thru the friendly skies of United toward Washington, D.C.  I took a valium and that allowed me a small snooze.  There was no turbulence because of the turbulence-canceling earphones!!!   So, we were preparing to land about 30 minutes from the airport, I took them off and put them away.  Then all hell broke…the plane bounced around like it a toy boat in a tital wave.  The kid next to me turned green around the gills.  But it finally stopped and the landing was great.  But, I do think Susie is right.  The earphones are good for warding off turbulence.  I’m buy me some of those!!

At Wash., D.C. we had a couple of hours to kill.  We found a wine bar that sold little sandwiches that were very good.  The rest of the time, I tried to work a NYTimes puzzle and managed to just stare at it for a hour or so.  Couldn’t get anything to work.  Ray wandered around and came back with pair of day of the dead socks.  Too cute!!!  He is such a love.

Then it was off to Norfolk.  We flew over the Washington Monument and Lincoln memorial, but Ray and I couldn’t see it as we were on the wrong side of the flipping plane.  It was clear and cold.  Oh, well.

In Norfolk at 11:30 p.m.  Went to the home of the Tibbetts.  Carol Ann (Ray’s step sister was there) along with her aunt and uncle, the Tibbetts.  Talked about a hour then I threw myself into bed after taking an ambien and didn’t even move until 10:30 a.m. today.


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