Thorney Bras

We drove from Thorny Brassieres to Brassieres (Besiers). Besiers is the city with a lot of one way, narrow streets. After the grand search for a place to park to visit the tourist info bureau, we found underground parking. I’m surprised they don’t require you to have sunroofs here on all vehicles for easy access. Because they park so close, its is almost impossible to squeeze in and out of a car. It would be easier to climb thru a roof. When we emerged from the garage, we didn’t know where we were. We walked around a park that was being set up with games, amusement rides (for instance, we exited the garage by the bumper cars). I looked and Ray and said, “where are we going?”. He said, “back to the car”. We did go back. Cheapest parking yet!! Then we saw the locks.  I filmed it since I have no desire to do the Panama…especially in the days of Coronavirus!!  Just click on the link below.





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