Susie and Larry Arrive

On Friday, we played golf on the moon.

A beautiful course near Espanola.  Ray beat me playing match play.  Drats.  The weather was beautiful and we didn’t see any snakes…so we were happy!!

Then we drove back to Santa Fe to find fresh tortillas.  Tortillarias are store fronts, privately owned, that sell fresh tortillas.  So we googled it and that lead us to The Santa Fe Tortilla Company.  It didn’t seem right as we drove south out of Santa Fe.  But hey, Glenda, our trusty GPS guide had not let us down yet.  So we trusted her and followed her to 18 Bisbee Ct.

We walked inside the door and there were only stairs.  This was strange.  But a sign in the lobby implored us to go upstairs.  So, we went.  That’s when we met Kenny.   We explained that we were looking for fresh tortillas.  He explained that he, indeed, had fresh tortillas but he couldn’t sell them to us.  He was a wholesaler.  OMG.  His 8 year old son exclaimed, “He owns this whole place”.  We introduced ourselves and then Kenny (the owner) introduced his son “my son”, his son said, “He’s not my dad”.   This caused facial alarm on Kenny as evidenced by raised eyebrows.  “I’m not your dad?  Then who am I?”.  The boy answered, while trying to screw his shoe into the carpet on the stairs, “You’re my uncle”.  So, dad decided to run this conversation to ground.  He said, “well, how can I be your uncle?  Explain that to us.”   The child, appearing  somewhat bewildered said, “My uncle died so I guess you can’t be my uncle.”    Dad said, “That’s right, your uncle did die.”

At this point, I asked him how old he was and the subject was changed.

Kenny decided that he would “give the nice people from California” some tortillas so he sent his employee out to dig up corn tortillas and he threw in some whole wheat as well.  We were overwhelmed with his generosity (30 tortillas in each pack!!) and his friendliness.  And he spoke to his employees like they were his friends.

So, as an aside, the tortillas were made the day before and they were stamped, “sell before 6/26/11”.  Now you know how old those tortillas are on the store shelves.

And now you know why I was on a quest to find fresh tortillas!!

Larry and Susie arrive about 4:30 and we spent the rest of the afternoon, relaxing, eating, laughing, talking politics, etc.  Fun, fun, fun.

Larry and cousin Susie!!

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