Silence of the Rams

Horses we saw yesterday.

Well, now.  It’s Tuesday.

There.  I said it.  Now I’ll check my calendar to see if it is really true.  I truly believe it is.

The bottom of my feet have been bleached.  I just crawled out of the shower after cleaning it.  At least I think I cleaned the shower.  Having had a housecleaner for years, I’m not sure I’m doing it right.  Maybe there is a YouTube on it.  I’m open to your ideas, dear reader, on how to clean a shower.   We can all use new ideas on this mundane chore.  What I enjoyed about it, though, was playing in the water.  Since I’m not swimming or doing aqua aerobics I’ve missed playing in water.  So there was that.  Feel free to inform me of you tricks of the trade.  Or are we all in the same boat?  

Let’s see.  What else is new?

Today was my first time of making blue cheese salad dressing from scratch.  Yesterday when I took my life in my hands by going grocery shopping, I espied a cut of French bleu fromage..  So that went into the dressing along with sour cream, buttermilk, mayo, garlic, olive oil.  I have now a lifetime supply of dressing and it is really good.  With no preservatives or additives.  I’m stoked.

I’ll be modeling the extra body fat later this week via a photo.  Ha ha.  

As mentioned in my blog today, we went shopping yesterday.  We are now grocery shopping at Whole Foods early, early, early in the morning.  Before breakfast.  So, it is worth mentioning that shopping while hungry is dangerous.  Everything looks delicious.  I need one of everything.  Or two, or three.  I had a list.  More things were in the cart at check out than on my list.  Cauliflower was an unlisted item.  It is beautiful.  I just couldn’t get by her.  A fennel bulb got plucked out of the pile.  Yum with lots of those sexy fronds.  That wasn’t on the list either.  The bottle of port, as mentioned in the blog, was hidden under the carrot tops.  Not on the list and a complete surprise to moi.  The fun of shopping is what is unexpected, I suppose.  Do you find this to be an adequate axiom…don’t go shopping while hungry?  

The trip to the winery was so much fun.  Just driving was fun.  The roads were unbusy.  We took Beau with us and drove to Paso to Sculpterra winery which is located on the old family ranch.  A beautiful spot.  50% off a case of wine was the come-on and the Rayman fell, hook, line, and sinker.  The great thing was 1.  The beautiful day. 2.  Didn’t need to leave the car…they delivered the case to our car with mask on.  3.  An opportunity to drive thru the ranch and up to High Ridge Drive to check out our property.  To get there, we had to drive thru the Huero Huero creek bed.  Dust flew everywhere.  Now our car needs a bath.  So worth it.  Stopped long enough to take a picture of the house my grandparents and mom and uncle lived in starting about 1923.  It still stands.  It is no longer in the family.  Our family gave the ranch hand the parcel on which the house now sits.  Mr. Thimm.  He’s gone now.  Everyone is gone now.  The memories are there though and I love sharing them with you all.

The family home in the 20s and 30s.

Moving right along, I would lastly like to comment about the Silence of the Rams.  Every Sunday, we have a regular Zoom meeting with our wine tasting group, Sideways.  It is a blast.  The funny thing is that the men are mostly quiet.  Rayman and I discussed this phenom during our drive.  Hence the Silence of the Rams.  They guys are there.  They just don’t talk much.  Why is that?  (Rams is the acronym for Retired Active Men Society, I think).  So. The active part is missing.  That’s what I’m saying.  We drink or sip as we Zoom.  And the women talk.  Hope the men will join in.  

Well, got to throw the clothes in the dryer.  Hey, it’s something to do!!