Serious Planning in the Works

So, I’m finally get serious about this Australia thing and check out the website.  I’m trying to talk Mr. J into it.  I’ll let you all know how THAT goes!!

More to come.  Oh, and the picture above is Cayucos sunset.

Well, I’ve got him considering an 8 hour tour where you can go in the water with Great Whites for $295/person.  It would definitely make for a good blog write up, don’t you think?  The company that does this is calling us to tell us more, like how cold is water?  are wet suits provided?  how many people have been eaten, how many have survived their shark attack?  is valium available or should we bring our own?

More to come!!

So, today I booked our lodging at Cairns.  Will book the Great Barrier Reef extravaganza today also.


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