Portlandia Runs Us Ragged

OMG.  It is perhaps time when we should NOT take it upon ourselves to own two houses and an RV.  It’s akin to the difference between having one baby and then have another.  It’s not twice the work, it’s like 1o times the work.  What were we thinking?

Today we have been busy, both of us, arranging insurance, arranging escrow money, arranging bed delivery, arranging a repair on our RV (under warranty, safety recall), arranging the transfer of funds electronically, arranging a TV splitter for the RV reimbursement, arranging for another quote for window coverings (a better name for a product I do not know),  arranging, arranging, arranging. 

Then there is the shopping.  OMG.  New bed, new chairs, new couch,.  Those were done in person at stores in the area.  Getting a mixer, a toaster oven, a food processor, one knife, flatware, glasses, dishes, splitters (for the TV in The Dog House, TDH), spray goop for TDH…all via Amazon in the comfort of TDH, and heaven knows what else.  So many things that I don’t even remember and I don’t want to print it all out to check.

Then there was arranging for a certification of trust for our trust (think attorney).  See… that was very important and I forgot.

Tonight we go to Tom and Collete, bicycle friends for dinner, last night my cousin’s daughter and son-in-law had us over for a lovely dinner in their backyard which is also lovely.  It seems that is  how our days are going…working during the day and parties at night.  So I can only snivel so much.

Tomorrow is escrow, golf in the late afternoon with Ryan (if the air is better), and dinner out, I’m thinking with Ryan.

Friday is the concert to see Portugal the Man at Edgefield, a fabulous venue near our RV park with Ryan and his gal, Tamara.  Take a listen.  They are a group in Portland and hail from Wasilla, Alaska.  Can’t make this stuff up.

Then I must wedge in  my Sunday crossword puzzle, my blog, the book I’m reading and I need a pedicure. 

So, back to my original question:  What were we thinking? 

It has been so smokey here we defrosted a rack of lamb and don’t want to barbecue because of the smoke.  Plus our evening activities have over-ridden the lamb so guess I will be tossing it. 

One thing is for sure, no grass is growing under our feet.  Speaking of grass, mosts Portlanders don’t water their lawns in the summer so they are all brown and unsightly.  During the rainy system, no problem.  While is is smart, it isn’t very attractive.  And we have yet to see artificial grass.  Good for the environment though, as saving water is a good thing. 

More to come.

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