Paella Plus

It was time to have a party!!!  Our friends from Bakersfield were coming over to visit and play golf so we decided we should invite some other folks for dinner.  Hey, what are friends for.  And I thought paella would be a great party dish.  Well, I didn’t have one paella recipe anywhere.  So.  I called Ruthie.  She fixed me up with all kinds of recipes.  She even sent me a picture of one of her paellas.  Yummy looking.

Well, I definitely wanted a fish paella.  And I love chicken so I wanted a fish and chicken paella.  And as luck would have it, I had ordered Spanish chorizo (it’s like a hard salami) in the frig.  Bought it on-line at Zingerman’s.  So, I was set.  I have filed the recipe in my Food binder for easy reference.

Along with paella, I offered champagne, a butter lettuce salad with oranges, avocado, and red onion (soaked in ice water for 10 minutes to reduce the bite).  Muy bueno!!

It’s been a quiet time in the kitchen of late.  Or has it?

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