Paella it shall be

I’ve made paella in the past.  In fact, a good friend, Ruth, gave me a great recipe.  Of course, I lost it so when she called this week on another matter, I asked if she would send along another recipe that she likes.  Paella recipes are her specialty.  She owns a cookbook full of them.  So, it pays to have good sources.  She sent me the above picture.

Speaking of sources, the L.A. Times has a great food section on Wednesday.  The number of dishes that’s I discovered in that section is quite impressive.

Anyway, I’m awaiting the mail to receive the paella recipe so that I can plan my shopping.  Shopping takes a great deal of time and advanced planning.  Living miles from anything renders advanced planning totally necessary.  Being retired affords me the luxury to time to plan.  I love it.

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