Of Sailing and Rednecks

Today we sailed back to Virgin Gordo and moored at another harbor.  The wind wasn’t as strong and so we had to motor some.  We ate lunch on shore and went grocery shopping for the rest of the trip.  It’s Tuesday and we turn in the boat on Saturday at 9 a.m. so coordinating the food so that we leave almost none is an artform.  It takes on a life of its own.  There’s dinner tonight, and Thursday night on the boat.  Lunch most days and breakfast every day on the boat.  So…planning is important.   We may have spent hours figuring out how to end the trip with nothing.

A boat moored very close to us and the people on board were friendly but they got even friendly when they jumped in the water and began a conversation which began with, “Where you all from?”.  We confessed we were from CA.  The man of the family announced they were from Florida.  “Where in Florida?”, we asked.  Well, some were from near Clearwater and some from Miami.  The tattooed man  had some of his family with him.  His wife had a strange accent.  She was from Germany, “The homeland” is how he described it.  When he found out that our captain grew up in Florida, he announced that he had grown up in the panhandle and nearly an Alabaman.  A redneck.  Then he announced that liked rednecks because, “at least you know where they stand”.  Then the conversation took a twist.  “Hey”, the tattooed wonder wondered, “What’s with that Schwartzenegger.  Cheating on his wife and keeping the woman under his roof for ten years.  And then he wants to tell me I can’t own a gun?  I mean it takes all kinds.  Him and Schumer and Feinstein and all the others telling me I can’t own  a gun”.  Now about this time in the conversation I’m wondering if there is some connection between the fatherland and jews and guns.  I mean the guy is stringing together a lot of stuff here.  And equating moral shortcomings and gun control is an interesting leap of logic, don’t you think?  I mean does he think that Schumer and Feinstein have kept love interests under their roofs?  And how are the two (love interests and guns) connected anyway?  If you have lovers, does that mean that you are anti-gun?  Well, about that time he swims back to his boat and things get quiet again.  But he certainly gave us a lot to wonder about?  All I know is that I’m glad he lives in Florida and not across a back fence from me.

But I digress.

We had chicken salad and garlic toast for dinner tonight and some good wine that helped us polish off most of the M&Ms.  Then we watched a slideshow of our trip thus far.

Before the tattooed redneck swam up, we talked about where we would go for the rest of the trip and what we would eat.  And when we would eat it.  There was some descension among the crew.  Who knows how it will all work out.

More tomorrow.

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