Of immigration and Indians

Well, it is Saturday and it has been raining cats and dogs all day.  For those whole live in CA, you know what an unusual event that can be.  Our average rainfall in December is about 3 1/2 inches.  This storm may dump 5 inches.  Very exciting.

Having said that I wanted to do something I’ve put off for a long time.  Read my great great grandfather Dresser’s account of coming to CA from Beloit, Wisconsin during the gold rush.  As a backdrop, I heard from the family that these letters to and from William Dresser and his wife Sarah were located in the Bancroft Library in Berkeley.  So a few years ago, I paid a visit to the Bancroft Library and arranged to receive copies of  both the handwritten original letters along with the transcriptions of said letters.

It is so interesting that I thought I would share with you one of the letters (the most interesting thus far).  It’s all about the Indians.  Enjoy.

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