Of Fish and Dry Runs

We had a great time today. Partly I ascribe my enthusiam to the fact that we didn’t go to the airport. First day. Finally. Bernie’s here and there is no reason…although the lattes there are superb.

Here’s Bernie and me in downtown Sydney. We took the CityRail in to do a dry run. What, another dry run you ask? Well, we booked a bus tour to the Blue Mountains that leaves tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. from downtown…so we decided to time our trip in and find the spot that are to be at 8. So…according to our recent track record, this might be a challenge. And yes it was. Arriving downtown, I headed up the stairs. It almost killed us. We were about 3 stories down and we were the only people on the stairs. Everyone else was on the escalator. Opps. Emerging into the daylight, we were huffing and puffing. Anyway, Ray had talked with the guy that ran the tour and he got an address from him. Does round and round you go have any meaning to you? That was what we did!!

The police didn’t know Rawlins St. So we just kept walking around…until we stumbled on to it. Why didn’t we have a map? Because we’re HOPELESS? Probably. Anyway, it ended up that the place we were to be picked up was the place where you could go broke saving money. By this I mean, we could buy entrance to the aquarium, the Tower, and the Wildlife exhibit for a big discount. So we did. Then we left for the aquarium. Wow. It was great. Here’s some pictures.

While I was looking for the exotic fish, a hand came down into the tank!! Never seen that before in an aquarium. Here’s some others.


A blue starfish and an orange one too. How beautiful is this? And then there was this.

It’s me and the sharks. OMG.
Bernie and the shark.
Up close and personal. Jaws. Also a mantra ray.
Another view.

The octopus on the move.


And then we went to the top of the Sydney tower.




Oh, but the highlight was when we got lost. In a city of millions, Ray found this “shortcut” which gave us a bird’s eye view of the back of the convention center. Probably no one else in the universe has a picture like this.

And for the artsy tartsy…I snapped the picture below just because I found the scene interesting.


After walking from 12p.m. until 5:30, we jumped the train and came back to base camp to fix a salmon dinner with salad, potatoes and did I mention the gin martini and the wine. We were so tired and achey, we just had to have a stiff drink. And now that we’ve eaten, I’m blogging. Let me rephase, I’m closing the blog and hitting the hay…after all, we must be back downtown at 8 a.m in the morning and I hope we remember how to get to the spot!

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