My Valued Restraint


Today I coaxed Rayman out of the house to walk Beau.  I wanted to go.  He resisted.  But he relented.  And a fine walk it was.  Light breeze, cloudless sky…well, why describe it when I can show you.  And the crazy thing is, we’ve lived in our location for about 10 years and we just discovered a fabulous walk along the bay that we did not know existed.  



So while we tiptoed thru the tulips, I got the idea that we should play golf tomorrow…alone.  Called the pro shop and got us a starting time…just us Mohicans….walking…the course.  Upon securing a starting time, I suggested that he wear his earplugs and listen to music so as to distract himself from his aches and pains that will inevitably make a showing.  He said, “Then I won’t be able to hear you.”  Like that would bother him?????  Ha ha.

Rayman is a master at the last word…getting it in, that is.  And while having noticed this tendency for years, being shut up together for days on end, it is a bit more noticeable.  But to get real, I am a bit of a last worder myself.  My mom used to tell me that I loved to argue.  She was right.  I should have been an attorney where I could apply my skill of arguing in front of a judge.   

But I digress.

Yesterday I actually weeded the atrium.  It was a bit enjoyable, sitting on the flagstone, delicately plucking out the small little weeds that have emerged thru the tiny rocks that fill the gaps between said stones.  It was relaxing and outside.  It was after I finished that I decided to rearrange some pots with plants that I loped back to the backyard and picked up some pot “feet”.  You know those doodads that keep a pot off the cement or ground.  Lugged them back and started to spread them out when…out jumps a spider.  A BLACK WIDOW.   OMG.  No-gloves me…jumped back and said, “RAY…THERE IS A BLACK WIDOW.  RAY!!!!!”  He came out and squashed it.  It was huge…it’s body seemed to be about the size of my thumbnail.  Okay.  That might be a slight exaggeration.  I was extremely lucky it did not bite me.   I swear it was the size of my thumbnail.

Really enjoyed my martini last night.

Our house painter finished painting yesterday.  Hooray.  Looks good.  Now the fence painter comes next week to paint the wrought iron fence.  Then we can reposition all the pots on the deck that were moved for all the painting.   And yesterday I ordered a heron.  It is made of metal of some type and will grace the yard.  With so many herons around here,  a heron statue makes perfect sense.  And it is something to look forward to receiving.  Of course, I have on order kleenex, JetDry, dish soap.  Ordering things on-line keeps us safer, I suppose.  So, as I have perfected on-line shopping over the years, this experience now comes in handy if I can even find stuff…so many things are out of stock…on every website.  Who knew JetDry was in such demand.  Really, people.  

Now I need ground lamb.  Where do I get that without going to the store?  And what store will even have it?  May have to put that recipe on hold.  Tonight I am making crab cakes for dinner.  They should be swell.  Bought pasteurized crab for the recipe.  I prefer fresh crab to be eaten out of the shell so I opted for pasteurized.  

It’s Thursday today.  May print out a puzzle..they are hardest on Thursday so this gives me the opportunity to get really frustrated by my lack of skill at crossword puzzles.  On the other hand it keeps me off the internet reading the news which is getting extremely grim.  Just sayin.

If Trump wanted to purposefully turn the virus into a shit show, he could have not done a better job.   Still hard to get a test.  Two hospital ships with about 20 patients total.   Hospitals without ventilators and him telling Governors to go find them themselves instead of using the power of his office to nationalize companies to make the ventilators.  Shipping much needed supplies here at home to other countries.  You can’t make this shit up.   Really, folks, he needs to resign.  I am sure I have said this before.  He is so far over his head and so uncaring, he just needs to go to FL and play golf for the rest of his days.  Leave us alone.  It is a question whether Pence would do any better, but it is worth a try.  The main reason I even mention any of this is that is why I am blogging…to catch on “tape” what is happening and what has happened for posterity   and my own recollection.  It is doubtful that I will ever forget it…it is so horrific.  No amount of words can minimize the sheer idiocy.  Well, maybe I should re-read A Confederacy of Dunces.  If you haven’t read it yet, it would be fitting at this time.  Or you could try The Plague.  However, Dunces is pretty hilarious.  

More, later.

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