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We did NOT get lost today. A major miracle as most of you know. We are still pinching ourselves at our achievement. A martini may be in order at dinner tonight.

Dinner at Local Ocean

In Newport, Oregon, there is a fab seafood restaurant. And we will dine there tonight. Here are some of their offerings. Crab cakes, fennel slaw, fries and tartar sauce. Or Fishwives Stew with Dungeness cra,, Oregon pink shrimp, wild prawns, scallops, mussels, rock fish saffron and garlic herb tomato broth , and toasted garlic bread. Simple, perhaps, but executed beautifully. We have eaten here many times on our way up and down highway 101.

Oregon’s beaches are beautiful. And I love going south, as you are relegated to the outside lane which means, lots of views. However, rain is forecasted tomorrow. Oh, oh.

It started this week

Our Portland nest needed to be made ready for company.. Our neighbors are welcoming a new daughter to their nest. Her parents… It turns out, lives in Taiwan. The parents are coming for the holidays and to meet and greet the new baby. So, they will sleep at our place. As others are traveling for the holidays as well. So happy we can help them. They are fabulous neighbors. He is a doc at Kaiser, and has cleaned and wrapped my cut finger, brought in the garbage cans, found me phone one time on the banister of our porch ,and saved me from losing it… despite my best effotrs.

We also had to get our golf clubs shipped, along with a big suitcase so we could load the car with everything else we planned to haul.

By this morning, we were pooped. However, the house was clean as a whistle.

With goodbyes, and I love you sentiments shared, we took to the road and headed south.


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