Happy birthday to me

I’m lying in bed.  It’s 10:18 p.m. and it has been quite the day.  I think I’ll start at the end.

We almost had a mutiny on the dinghy.  When returning from dinner at Whispering Pines on the island of Anagada, it was very dark.  And our captain was very concerned about getting us back to the boat without hitting a sandbar.  He wanted to locate the buoys so  that wouldn’t happen but it is a very dark night and hard to see.  And the dinghy was full of 7 liquored up passengers that had just eaten 6 half lobsters which were slain on the dinghy dock at 4:30 this afternoon as we were returning to the dinghy from the ::::::::::bay where we had snorkeled.  .  And we were extra happy because it was my birthday party and a good time was had by all.

We selected this particular restaurant because Barry, who worked at the restaurant, had come to our aid as we ran aground because we got confused about mooring balls and buoys.  Really, it could have happened to anyone.  Most of the mooring balls…oh, never mind.  Suffice it to say that we were in dire straits when Barry came up in his dinghy and nudged us to safety (read deeper water).  Then he presented us with a menu from the restaurant where he works.  We were so grateful we told him we would eat in his restaurant.  And we weren’t sorry although Richard was worried that we’d be the only people there.

But I digress.  So, here we were in the dinghy and the captain was ordering Tom and Ray to locate the buoys so we’d know where we were.  They couldn’t find the buoys so the captain went along at about 2 miles an hour which caused great consternation among the crew.  So, we had shouting and disagreements all the way to the boat.  We sort of knew it was our boat because we forgot to light the anchor light (something you are suppose to do.  It’s a light at the top of the mast.)

It was too funny.  I was agreeing with the captain because I’m a bit of a kiss ass because he has our life in his hands.  The captain is responsible for everything.  You need to be friendly to the captain.  However, this opinion is not shared with everyone.  And “those people” were verbally assertive to the captain.  So, that’s why I said we almost had a mutiny on the dinghy!!

We went snorkeling today in a very shallow bay that had very clear water and coral reefs.  Quite beautiful except the coral doesn’t look healthy to me.  But what do I know.  The fish were nibbling on it here and there so I guess it must have been somewhat healthy.  Who knows.  Anyway, we had to hire a jitney to transport us from the dinghy dock to the bay.  On the way back, the captain lost his hat.  It went flying out of the jitney.  The jitney was really a truck with two benches in the back that would seat 8 “comfortably”.  There was no roof so that is how his hat escaped his head.  So, we got the driver to back up and the hat was retrieved from the middle of the road.  Actually, the captain was having a hard day now that I reflect on it.

Before we went to snorkel, we sailed from the Virgin Gorda (an island) to Anagada.  I mean.  We actually sailed.  The main sail went up then the jib.  It was really, really fun.  The wind was blowing so that helped a lot.  I got to steer the boat out of our harbor at Virgin Gorda and then I got to be at the helm as we slowed down to hoist the sails.  Fun stuff.  So, we sailed to the island where we snorkeled and had dinner.  Fun, fun, day.  Quite a special birthday for me.  Plus I got two serenades.  One at the top of the morning, over coffee.  And one at dinner with a whole bunch of other people in the restaurant joining in thanks to Tom engaging the entire restaurant.  Slightly embarrassed and oh, so much fun!!

And I didn’t get seasick!!!  in the boat or at the restaurant.  (when you’ve been on the boat for a time, and you disembark everything keeps rocking)

Just kept staring at the horizon.  That really did the trick.

I just imported some other pictures from the crew and thought you might enjoy them.



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