Golf on 4 hours of sleep

When the wake up call arrived, we were not happy to answer but answer we did.  Needed to get going as our starting time was 8:24.  You can just imagine the enthusiasm we displayed as we dragged ourselves out of bed.

Golfers love talking about their games.  After the round, they gather around usually with beer or gin and tonics and relive all their bad shots.  Good shots are very soon forgotten…it is really those bad shots that get all the discussion.  And a count of lost balls invariably is included in the synopsis of their game.  Many golfers don’t ever really hear the other person’s description because they themselves are so traumatized, their minds wander as they think about how they are going to describe that horrible score on 7.  You know the one where you had a great drive followed by a series of really rotten shots.  Like pushing the ball into the jungle, taking an unplayable lie, knocking the next shot into the bunker (sand), taking two to get out because of the large overlapping lip, flying the green because you have no clue how to control a sand shot, really.  Chipping on and three putting.  And you are really trying to put the worst spin on the story so that you prove to all that you really, really, really had the worst hole played that day.  Like there was even a contest!!

But I digress.   We were all tired as hell and didn’t play good.  That’s all ye know, that is all ye need to know.

Followed golf up with a dip in the pool, a couple of drinks, great Mexican food for lunch, a 30 minute nap, a cocktail party and as far as I know they are all still down by the pool getting blitzed.  I’m here chronicling the day.

The resort here is huge.  It sits on the edge of the Caribbean and sports a healthy and robust tide.  Sleeping will be pleasant with the sound of the surf, the rustle of palms and a sweet breeze to keep things comfortable.  My favorite feature is a swim up bar which I hope to frequent tomorrow.

By the way, the picture is an iguana that is “gumming” an apple core that we fed it.  Iguanas abound.

As do these little folks.  They are coatis.  Look like marsupials, raccoons, and something else combined.  Non threatening and will steal snacks out of your golf cart.


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