Finally We Disembark

We’re off the boat.  What an adventure.  Nothing like we’ve ever done before.  Thanks to our friends, the crew.  It is not easy for 8 people to be locked up together negotiating wind, rain, cooking, cleaning, manning the boat…however, we did it and we did it with grace.  Everyone got along.  We left each other wind fond memories and some funny stories.  A post BVI party is already in the plans!!

So, we bid our fond adieus at the San Juan airport.  Six of us headed for Sheraton Old San Juan and two of us (Ray and moi) headed for the El Yueque rain forest in south east quadrant of Puerto Rico.  And here we are.  It is unbelievable.  I had high expectations for this place, but it has exceeded my expectations in spades.  Casa Cubuy EcoLodge is where we are spending two nights.  At 1500 ft. it is cooler and oddly less humid considering the moisture in the air.  We have never experienced anything quite like this.  The leaves of the plants are enormous.  Everything is green.  All the plants are tall.  We are perched on the side of a hill.  This is not a 4 star resort.  On the contrary.  The walls need painting, the awning is moldy, the bed is lumpy.  But, oh, the sounds of the forest and the water fall and rushing water of the river are intoxicating.  We are loving it.

Just got back from dinner.  For a while we were two of four customers.  We met a native of this place.  He was a teacher, turned principal, turned superintendent of in a public school system here.  Charming, delightful conversation ensured.  He’s retired now and here at the restaurant sharing a drink with what we presume is the owner.  He encouraged us to speak spanish.  So we tried.  And he spoke some english so we had a great time talking with him while dinner was being prepared.  Pictures follow of the young women in the kitchen.  And the view from the restaurant.  And the view from our room.  And a movie from our room…not x rated.

About the last week or so, we crew of the Caty Wampus, fantasized about taking a long show and slipping between the sheets of a freshly changed bed.  We also fantasized about flushing the toilet without priming the pump so to speak and without having to throw the TP into a basket because you don’t want to put paper in the ocean.  Well, while our friends are luxurating at the Sheraton, we have a shower that is 50 years old, our bed is bumpy, there is a spider on the wall, we saw a gecko on the way up to to Unit One…and we can’t put paper in the toilet.  EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK on the last point.  However, the concert and view are worth the inconvenience for two more nights.  Who knows, perhaps we are adapting to third world amenities.  OMG you say.  A yacht is third world?  In a way, relative to the toilet requirements.  Is this too much information?  Probably, but my sophisticated readers can handle it.

Well, time to close and read my book.  No TV here.  I tried to get WiFi.  It appears the ecolodge has it but I’ll probably have to be downstairs to get it.  And anyway, this trip has been interesting for another reason.  Except for once, we’ve been out of the new cycle for 13 days.  And we have two more to go.  It has actually been quite peaceful.  Who knows what in the world has happened?  Not us.

Perhaps when we return to our abode, the TV will be on less.  Although I think I will have enjoying having my NY Times paper back.

So, nighty nite.  It’s time to listen to the sounds of the rain forest!!!!!

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