Downtown Nashville

Update:  we went to the Bluebird last night.   On the way home we got pulled over by the police.  Too funny.  Walt had a light out in front.  He knew about it.  It is a short.  After about 15 minutes, the policeman let us go.  It was 12:15 a.m.   Took this picture of Walt and Susie at the bar at the Bluebird.  We had so much fun.

We listened to  Gary Burr and Victoria Shaw.   Very talented songwriters and singers.  Google them for more info.

We also heard Victoria’s 11-year old daughter, Ruby, sing.  She was fabulous.  And we heard Gunnar Nelson, Ricky Nelson’s son.  And another guest singer.  It was too cool.

Here’s a picture of my cousins at the bar of the Blue Bird.  Note:  they are teetotalers.

This a.m. we took off to take in downtown Nashville.  It is really only a few blocks but it is packed with action.

We fought a parking machine.  The machine won.  Thing is, you couldn’t see the machine because the screen faced the sun.  And then it wouldn’t take the credit card…and it had confusing instructions.  But it was funny because there were plenty of people standing in line to crack the code.  That wasn’t us.  After an attempt, we vamanosed.   Reminded me of France in a way!!!  (see picture earlier)

We visited a country bar, the Hard Rock Cafe (for the bathroom), a world renowned  poster shop, a huge record store with old stuff (vinyl).  And the guitar store.

And the Batman building…see above.

We elected not to eat downtown.  Too touristy.  So cousin Walt took us to a greasy spoon.  Brown’s Diner.  Cheeseburgers, cokes, fries!!!  Yummy!!  I snapped a picture of Walt there.  And then the two of them.

And then we drove here and there.  I was Switzerland in the car.  Walt and Susie continued their heartfelt discourse about driving and texting,  driving and talking on the phone.

Then we went shopping for groceries and came home and made spaghetti!!!  Fun!!  Fun!!  Fun!!  Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, red wine from CA and the Quinn family.  Oh, and Baxter the doggie, under the table!!!

After dinner Susie and I watched the Giants beat the Phillies.  The Giants are going to the world series.  They have not won a world series since they were moved from New York.  Go Giants!!!

Great day again south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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