Dinner last night

This is a picture of a cake I made for New Years Eve.  It actually looked better than this picture in person.  Anyway, I learned how to make chocolate shards and that was fun and easy.  Yes, easy.  So, keep that in mind for your next party!

Last night I made a fish Vera Cruz dish.

Here’s the recipe. What I liked about this dish is that it was easy.  It called for green olives.  Ray doesn’t like green olives.  However, once you cook them it changes the taste.  And Ray ate and enjoyed them.  It also calls for pickled jalapenos.  No problemo.  They sell them in cans and I’m sure they will keep as they are Pickled!!  So, try out this dish.  You won’t be disappointed.  Oh, I did put in a splash of dry white wine and used the fire roasted Muir Glen organic tomatoes instead of fresh ones.

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