Day Three – Say What?

I don’t even know what to say about today.  Everything started out fine.  Then it all when to hell.  And then it got better, then it got worse…and there you have it.

I’m not at all sure a bunch of older women should even travel together anymore.  At least with the men, the women got along better, don’t you think?  Is that something to consider?  Or am I crazy?  Cathy thinks we need to work on not being grouchy and old.  Judy thinks there should be a leader that organizes and calls all the shots.

Here’s the funny thing.  The sisters, Carolyn and Cathy are a hoot to travel with.  Sitting in the back seat listening to their conversations re: where we are going (in the car) is hysterical.  It’s worth the price of admission.  I think.  Carolyn listens to the GPS lady and then repeats it.  Then Cathy repeats it.  And then they have a conversation about it.  At every turn.  Too funny.

The golf was good.  The day was hot, hot, hot.   Probably about 90 ish.  The shade was essential to our well being.  We shaded up whenever possible.

When we returned, Kris announced that she was going to the market to pick up something to eat.  Everyone sans Donna, who returned home after the round, decided to go to the store too.  Cathy and Carolyn and I went together and bought two fresh dungeness crab, sourdough and the trimmings.  The other sisters had hamburgers without buns and corn and cole slaw.  Judy and Linda did fajitas.  Muy bueno.

Then we had arguments, disagreements, words.  Then we cooled off.  Then we started watching Dancing with the Stars.  Bristol Palin was there so Sarah showed up…why?  What other parent shows up for the affair?  But Dancing is a bust.  They do more talking and recapping than dancing.  So off to bed many of us went.

And there you have it.

Hope tomorrow is better.  At least I hope it’s cooler.

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