Customer Complaint

In the time honored tradition of sharing my view on a myiad of topics, I submit to you my complaint to Chase Ultimate Rewards department which ruined my tranquil morning.

Hope you enjoy.  I didn’t.

Oct. 18, 2018

CEO – Ultimate Rewards

While I sit on hold with your people, I thought I would give you an account of my dealings with Chase Rewards today.

At 10:43 a.m. I placed a call to cancel a reservation that we made for a hotel.  It is now 12:23 and I’m still working on this issue.  This in itself is absurd.  Rewards takes on a whole new meaning…perhaps it should be called “Punishment, Inc.”.

But I digress.

The problem was that your people could not find my reservation despite the fact that I had an email confirming the reservation.  The second problem was that we have two accounts (Sapphire in the process of becoming a Freedom card and a Chase Reserve card).   Which rewards points did I use?  I had no idea.  It was decided I had used the Sapphire/Freedom points.  Okay.  But the reservation could not be located.  After about a hour and five or six transfers, the mysteries were solved.   

The next problem was that my reservation had to be cancelled because of American Airlines changed our travel plans.  So, I tried to get my points back.  That took another round of phone transfers and instructions to call the hotel, get the name of the manager if that manager approved of refunding the money.  I did this.  The manager agreed.  Then I had to again enter the labyrinth of your Rewards department.  Again, it took three transfers and 40 minutes to get the mission accomplished. 

Heck of a job, Brownie. 

Two hours later, Pius ( your employee) got it done. 

There were multiple opportunities to have done a better job.  One person helping me throughout the process would have cut the time by 50% or more.  How hard can it be?  Our rewards with the two cards apparently exist in two separate universes…A call back number could have been given to me so that when the manager approved a refund, I could have called back the person that told me to get that approval.  A case number could have been assigned for easy reference and that would allowed me not to need to repeat my account info, my zip code, my boat’s license number (just kidding) twenty times (not kidding).

Two hours of my life gone with this mischief.  For shame.


Ray and Dianna Jackson

Morro Bay, CA


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