Beaune at last

Ray routed us at 8 a.m.  And we drove and drove and drove on a freeway.  It cost us $30 to go about 180 miles.  You can drive on these freeways 130/k or approximately 80 mph.  So, we covered a lot of territory.  When we arrived, we went into the town of Beaune to find food.  Ate at a so-so place.  Not all restaurants are fabulous in France.  Anyway, my onion soup was good.  Ray’s and Ryan’s ham, butter and bread sandwiches were…just okay.  The wine was good.

We then drove to our chateau for deux nuits (two nights).  My neck still hurt so I stayed back to listen to my audio book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The next thing I knew Ray was banging on the door.  Said he’d been knocking for 5 minutes (I was tired).  We then had drinks and headed for the restaurant that the chateau owner recommended to us.  It was tres(very) expensive.  We chose a table outside (see above) and before the first course was consumed, it started raining!!  They cranked out an awning and we sat outside with the rain.  However, as the awning got wet, it started leaking…so we had to take refuge indoors (l’interior).  The dinner was fabulous.  So worth it.  It cost about $200 for the three of us but we all agreed that it had been the best food thus far.  The portions were small but they were so good!!!

My main course of fish, bean puree, lardons and who knows what else!!

Random thoughts.  A dog sneezed in the restaurant.  That was quite funny.  And there were 5 women in one of the dining rooms (counting me) and four of us were wearing black and white stripped tops (including me).  I felt so with it!!   And dinner took from 8 until almost 11.  What a wonderful evening.

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