Be That As It May

Meeting one of the most ill informed people on the planet was my most interesting encounter today.

Let me start by saying that we had just left the best marijuana dispensary in the county, we drove to the best Mexican joints in the county.  My hand was with bandage because my right hand tendon had been injected with a solution of stuff and I looked a bit silly.

Be that is it may, we went to the Mexican joint and had to order from a window for food to go.  While there, a man struck up a conversation with me…or us.  He was a retired policeman from Ceres, CA.  He wanted me to know everything about him so this is what I learned.  He was living in his RV in Pismo.  He was looking for Magnum P.I. shirts…he had 89 and needed a couple of more hard-to-find shirts.  He had put 25,000 on his RV.  His daughter had come over to protect him and his wife from the virus.  She locked them in the RV.  He had had it.  So on Friday, he drove to Avila to walk on the beach without his mask, hoping to be cited by the police.  

It was at this point that I expressed my surprise.  Why would a retired police officer do that?  

He explained that he supports the Constitution and loves his liberty and part of his liberty is being able to not wear a mask.  “What?,” I said.  This made no sense.

Then he explained that the virus was a hoax and he wasn’t worried about his safety.  Okay, then.

He went on the tell me about how he and wife had researched everything very thoroughly, and he was certain that by standing in the sun for 90 seconds, he would be safe from contacting the virus.  

So, what to say?  What to think?

I very swiftly concluded that I was talking with a nut-fuck.  He was way, way out there.  How could I handle the conversation?  So, I asked him with all the research he had done, why did he think that his evaluation was better than, say, Dr. Fauci.  He replied that Dr. Fauci had been involved with the Chinese.  

OMG.  At this point I figured that he not only was a Fox listener, he was probably an Alex Jones guy.  OMG.  

He asked me if I knew how many in the county had died.  I said one or two.  Wrong.  He said zero had died.  One had died but she or he had a pre-existing condition and it was an example of how deaths have been exaggerated and, really, this was no worse than the seasonal flu.  

At this point, I had a total wack job in front of me and I told him he was misinformed and being lead down the primrose path by whomever he was listening to and we should just part company and I left him muttering on the sidewalk as I walked to my car.

Really, folks, there are people like this out there.  I was shocked that he was totally unembarrassed by his thinking.  And happy to share it.  

So, when we came home, I ate the best Mexican food and flushed in down with some Guiness  beer (we were out of Corona, ha ha).  And then I further inoculated myself with Rayman’s margarita and life was good.  

Just thought you would like the story of the retired cop going out to break the law because he valued his liberty, he loved the Constitution, and…well, he was just crazy.

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