Back to Sydney

Well, here I am flying back to Sydney. It all went so fast. A few memories. Ray and the wine shop. The first day we arrive in Cairns, Ray and Bernie went to get a few things for breakfast while I remain behind, blogging. An hour later they came back and Ray announced that he had purchased not one, not two, not three, but four bottles of wine. OMG. We were only going to be in town 3 nights, one included wine with dinner and Bernie doesn’t drink wine (much). WHAT WE HE THINKING? Oh, if you bought 3 bottles you got one free. Oh, well, that explains everything.

So when we packed up this a.m. for our return to Sydney, we left two half-drunk bottles, almost a full bottle and a full bottle. Who had time to drink? We were out doing stuff…however, Ray wanted to at least take the one bottle with us. So we packed it up and off we went. Well…our plan was to eat at the cafe in the resort. We got there at 9:58 and they closed at 10. Nice move. They were willing to feed us but we opted out. They gave us (free!) two muffins with a raspberry topping and chocolate innards and off we went. The lady at the front desk suggested a cafe near by so we decided to do that instead of going directly to the airport. Good move. We ended up in Cairns Botanical Garden at a cute little cafe and had fresh fruit with yogurt and honey. Then we walked back to the resort (20 minute walk) and caught a cab to the airport.



Took this bottom photo while sitting at our table at the cafe.

This is where the story goes sad for the reader. I must confess, I left my kindle on the airplane we de-planeing in Cairns. So, I’d been bummed about this, called and reporting it missing and reported the loss to Amazon. So, this a.m. I returned to JetStar and inquired as to whether anyone had turned it in. No way, Jose. Drats. But in the process of doing all this, I ran into a group of guys in a uniform which had a cock on the back of their shirt(s). Okay, perhaps it was a rooster, but I asked them about their mascot and they described it as a cock. Anyway, they were on the rugby team for France!! Ooh, la la. They were on their way to their match in the World Cup at Auckland!! Really fun talking with them although my french deserted me. I asked them how to say, good luck. Bon chance. Oui, oui.

I dashed back to Ray, grabbed the camera and snapped this picture for my new french friends from last year’s trip, Rachid and Martine and their family as well as our friends, the Gendrons and as it turns out…all of you.


Our flight was late because they had to clean up the plane after the last flight. It required special attention. Don’t know what that was about. So…drinks were free to accompany our full meal. Aussies are very lucky. Qantas is fabulous.

We’re about to land and are currently flying over Hunter Valley north of Sydney. It’s very smokey because of bush fires and burn-offs.

And may I add that our weather has been spectacular. The entire trip. What a great time to visit this country. And the people are fabulous. Friendly and funny. I’m sure I’m repeating myself…but it bears repeating.

We arrived and while Ray was claiming our one bag that we checked, I went to the next terminal to see if my kindle had been found. YES IT WAS!!! Boy, am I lucky. We then bought train tickets like the veterans that we are and headed to base camp. Collapsing was in order. Before retiring, Bernie said that he was going to try to fly out tomorrow. So, we get to go the airport again!!

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