Adios to Mexico

What a great vacation.  We had one cool day, the rest were around 78 and it was wonderful.  Curly hair from humidity, a tough golf course for humility, and many days of relaxation for harmony.

Yesterday we played golf for the third time on that dragon of a course.  Ray had one of his worst scores ever and I played lights out (read good).  Needless to say, I had a great time!!!  The game the group played was individual stroke play and I came in first for the women!!!  I won $40!!!  How fun was that?

We followed up play with cocktails before dinner.  The hotel was having a party on the patio to recognize the employees of the resort.  Part of it included very nice looking men in colorful blouses dancing the salsa.  Ray was off procuring drinks and one of the guys came up to me and dragged me out on the dance “floor”.  He taught me to salsa, sort of.  All our friends got a kick out of it and so did I.  Poor Ray missed all the excitement.  We had our drinks and then moved on to the restaurant where we were a bit on the loud side and demonstrative!!   We were at Le Gourmet.  We probably would have fit in better at Schooner’s Saloon.  Oh, well.

Health update.  Ruth had a terrible rash over much of her body.  May have been caused by an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was taking for her root canal that she had the late afternoon before she left to Mexico.  Or it could have been an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that she was taking for her sinus infection.  Did I mention that she is one tough cookie?   No matter.  She had a rash all over.  And yet and still, she soldiered on and played golf, drank, ate, partied.  If it was me, I’d been in bed, heavily doped and in all probability sucking my thumb.

Today we played golf at a par 3 course, 9 holes.   Sometimes in life things happen that words just don’t do justice to.  Describing how fabulous some chocolate tastes is an example.  You just can’t capture the essence of the experience in words.  Or if you see a horrible accident.  It’s something that words cannot capture really.  Well, my golf course experience today was something like that … I started out with a 6 on a par three.  Okay.  That can happen.  By the time I got to the 9th hole, it was very humid and very warm.  Clothes were sticking, things were slipping and sliding.  Anyway, as I took a practice swing, the club just slipped out of my hand and went whirling (picture a loose helicopter rotor) up into the air and flew about 40 yards.  What a hoot.  Not sure anything like that has even “happened” to me like that before.  I’m sure I could remember if it had.  So, I sheepishly trotted out and retrieved the club,  took another practice swing, addressed the ball, and hit a shot that ended up about 3 inches from the hole.  None of us could believe it!!!  My writing does not even come close to the hilarity of the event.  Believe me!!  Oh, you do?

It was a good ending to a great golf vacation.  Something to fantasize about.  Well, fantasize might not be the word here.  Perhaps fondly hold in my mind, or picture over and over again.  Or perhaps to just tell to everyone I know…But I digress.

This was a great trip except for the air travel.   Captain Boom and the motley crew will be flying in tomorrow to whisk (we hope) away the group.  All the food, drinks, entertainment was included.  The weather terrific.  No bugs.  Lots of iguanas.  No lightening.  Lots of night time rain (as we slept).  Our bill today was left at our door.  We owed $7.80 for the week, something about a ecological tax which we happily paid.  Friendly Mexican people doing everything they could to make our vacation exceptional.  OH, we did have to pay for golf carts but we knew that going in.  And there was no way could walk this course.  Way too much real estate between holes.  And I suppose we should in all fairness (full disclosure here), mention the three dozen balls that Ray lost in the jungle.  (perhaps a slight exaggeration).  About the only complaint I had was the temperature of the water in the swimming pool because to get a drink at the swim up bar, you had to freeze your gonads to get there.  Didn’t stop many though.  The guys from Saskatchewan didn’t mind at all.  They were just grateful that they weren’t hanging off those telephone poles in 30 degree below zero weather.  Nope, that water temperature didn’t bother them in the least.  But the princess, well, what can I say?

So, to all those people that regarded us as having lost our minds for booking this vacation, you were right in one respect…the air travel.  But in all other respects, it was just about perfect!!!  And did I mention the guacamole?  Yummy!!!

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