Above the tree tops

Traveling the backroads was a kick. We struck out from Bowral and followed our noses, finding a road marked ‘Tourist route’. It was lovely. And we found a road that was like Old Creek Road on steroids in that it was much longer. So, tootling along, we saw a sign for a ‘Walk Above the Treetops’. Let’s go see what this is… we said almost in unison.

We found ourselves at a very interesting exhibit.
As you can see, it was quite a big structure and, no, we didn’t walk on the top of every single tree…but we did walk on top of a lot of trees.
Looking down was an interesting sensation.

But I digress. It turned out there was a charge for this adventure. We decided to do it because, unbelievable as it might seem, we didn’t have to pay for any of the National treasures we saw yesterday. And parking was free too. So, why not pay a little now? Well, it cost $48 for both of us and we paid, Diana. Yes. Quite an informative person behind that desk. And she also refers to herself as Princess Di! We really hit it off. Here’s a pic. She’s on the left and seemed excited that she would be in my blog!!
So…she sold us the tickets. The tour involved a fair bit of walking and lots of stairs. On the way down, they had posters on polls that gave information about the flora and fauna. When we reached the one that said ‘Reptiles’, I had a look. Black snakes, lizards…pythons. OMG. Am I going to be eaten by a python? Why didn’t dear Diana mention this? OMG. So…I was very vigilant though I didn’t think I’d see one because it was a bit cold. Did I mention that we were the only ones there as it was still early? What could go wrong?

But I digress. Here’s some more pictures.
The tower we climbed up. See Ray?
See Ray again? it was quite high. But what a view. Too bad it wasn’t completely sunny but we thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.
The ocean in the distance.
Looking down from the tower to the walk way.

Oh, no snakes. However a parrot.

After the tour I asked Diana about the python. “Oh, yes. The gardener here found one under a bush and brought it up for all of us to see. It was absolutely HUGE.” OMG. She added, “Won’t be out for about a month. Too cold. And anyway, they are interested in us. All the snakes are looking for smaller things to eat.” Well. That was a relief.

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