A Hunting We Will Go

Today is Sunday the second day of October, 2016.  Weather report for the Idaho panhandle looked good so we went hunting.

Specifically, we were hunting for moose, bear, elk, deer.  To hunt we headed north to Sandpoint, Idaho.  I was driving.  Before we left I did a bit of research on places to find these wild animals.  The Forest Service had a good looking website that directed me to drive to the nearest Forestry office  which happened to be about 3 miles from our RV spot.  Only it isn’t open on Sunday.  So, from my research, I noticed that there were lots of roads that led into the forest and, by George, I found one.  That’s where we came upon a family of deer.  In someone’s front yard.  I don’t know where the forest begins and ends but there were houses on acreage all along the road we took…until it turned to dirt.  Undaunted, I drove straight away up the dirt road until it started feeling, like, uhm, paramilitary territory.  I base my feelings on no facts whatsoever.

Here’s part to their website.


So I turned around.

We then headed up a road that ran parallel with highway 95 which is more to my liking.  No cars on those roads.  Until we could not go any further.

I was also secretly looking for Mark Fuhrman of O.J. Simpson fame.  It has been reported that he lives in Sandpoint.  Didn’t see him either.

So, as a reminder, we were looking for moose, bear, elk, deer.

What we saw were ceramic owls tastefully displayed on utility poles, a few sheep (real), a bunch of cows (real), one hawk (red tail, we think)real and it was perched on a telephone pole, and some wild turkeys (real).  Heck.  We could have stayed home and seen those.

So, we turned back to Coeur d’Alene and Rayman drove down the western side of the Pend Oreille River/Lake.   And we drove through a few small towns.  Everything was closed.  Sunday?  or the day after Oct. 1?  Who knows.  But things were locked up.  We wanted to get a drink by the lake but we could not find one establishment anywhere.

We did espy a few Lock Her Up signs and a few Trump/Pence signs.  And lots and lots of signs for local election people.   Oh, and lots of American flags…which made me nervous.

But we did not see a moose, a bear, or an elk.  We were very disappointed.

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