A Day of Rest

Try as I might, I can’t figure out how to get the whole picture on this page.  It was an impressive statue at the Mont.  Forgot to include it earlier.  It was one of the few statues at the Mont.  An angel slaying a big lizard…the kinder, gentler side of the church!!

So, yesterday, Vendredi (Friday) was a day of delicious naps, homecooked meals, a walk to the boulangerie, listening to audio books, reading books, studying maps and plotting our next great adventure.  Oh, and did I mention the tasting of  vin and eating of chocolat?  We needed it.

So today we’re off the local haunts to wine taste, buy chocolate, track down that fig sorbet.  You know, the normal things that a hedonist would do.   So to entertain myself and others, I provide here a few pictures that have not yet been included.

This is a cracked tree in the parking lot of the chateau.  Luckily we didn’t park underneath it.  It posed quite a dilemma because there are parked cars under it.  Yikes.  That would ruin you day, wouldn’t it?

A lovely street in Amboise, home of the fab chocolat and fig sorbet.  We will go back there today.

Good picture of Ryan.  We really miss him.  Especially his map reading abilities!!  Just kidding.  It was terrific having him with us here in France

Ray buying bread at the boulangerie.

Camels?  Yes, we came upon these camels in a small village.  They were part of a traveling circus that apparently hits all the small villages in this area (Loire).  It was such a surprise, I insisted that we stop for a shot!!!

Signing off for now.  Bon jour y au revoir!!

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