A Day in La Ferte

It’s almost dark here and we managed to stay out of trouble most of the day.  The only adventure we had was when we went to the quincaillerie (hardware store)  looking for a fly swatter.  I’ve decided the change fonts. Perhaps this is a better size.  Let me try one other.  I guess the bigger one is better.  Anyway, the grocery store didn’t have a fly swatter.  Now here’s the deal.  Rosetta Stone doesn’t teach you the words “fly” or “swatter” exactly.  So, I found a can of insect spray with a picture of a mosquito on it and approached a woman stacking the aisles.  “Je suis desolee.  Parle francais petit peu.”    (I’m sorry I don’t speak francais worth a darn)  Then I pointed to the picture of the mosquito and made a swatting motion with my arm and hand.   She got it and proceeded to tell me all about it in francais.  But alas, they were out of fly swatters.  So, on the quincaillerie and I pretty much did the same thing except that I said, “je suis desolee.  Parle francais petit peu.  Une insecte. (an insect)”  Then I reinacted the swatting pantomine.  He got it.  But alas, they didn’t have fly swatters.  He took me to the front of the store and pointed across the square and indicated in francais that I should go there.  So, while I was up to all this, Ray was searching for parking.  Another learning experience.  We should have walked.  Parking is a big problem here.  Anyway, he had secured a place and honked at me as I left the quincaillerie.  I pointed to the square.  When I got the third store, I found a fly swatter!!!  And all I had to say is, “bon jour” and “merci” and “au revoir”.

Ray, however, was having his own problem.  He couldn’t find me in the quincaillerie.  And because I had to stand in line for quite some time buying the fly swatter (one clerk and a woman in front of me that wanted something in the bowels of the building), he had no idea where I was.  This struck panic in his heart.  When I found him, he was a wreck.  He had parked illegally and was in a tither.  So much so that when we walked back to the car, it was unlocked with his wallet on my seat.  Poor Ray.  Good thing he takes medications for his blood pressure.!!!!

After a few more stops, we came home, did laundry, hung the clothes out on the line, weeded the garden and didn’t leave for the rest of the day.  Here’s pictures of our dinner.

Our dinner was pork baby back ribs, white beans cooked with ham, onions and carrots, tossed green salad from the garden, various wines according to course and wine and dark chocolate for dessert.  Oh, and cheese and bread for appetizer.  Oh, and barbecued green beans.  All veggies were from the garden except for cherry tomatoes (their tomatoes are still green).

C’est bon!!

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