FaceTime and Corona

Hi peeps,

The last 24 hours or so have been, dare I say, fun…in new ways unforeseen in these days of societal upheaval.

Rather than keeping you, dear reader, on pins and needles, let’s review.

We were hunkering down for leftover Butter Chicken when we received a FaceTime call.  It was FAMILY calling from Portland.  What a hoot.  Cenk (my cousin’s son-in-law) instigated the folly, I think.  He was sitting in the SHIP with a bottle of Corona (not virus) beer.  He had my cousin (Sue and her husband, Larry) on the line.  Additionally, he had his family, Kristen and their three kids on line.  He also added eldest daughter of my cousin (Ali and her hubby, Bernat).  Then he taught me how to turn Rayman and me into cows.  It was uproareous. 

We had a cheer as most adults had wine or Corona beer in hand!!  Best FaceTime ever.  I loved being a cow.  Although, I must say…I wanted to change to a mokney but the “effects” eluded me.  More practice is needed.  So if anyone wants to try it, call someone who knows how it works.  Right now, I’m in early training.  

After the frivolity we hung up and watched Parasite.  Anyone seen it?  I need help.  Was the parasitic family that wormed their way into the Parks’ home the parasites?  Or were the Parks the parasites, or was the guy in the basement the parasite.  Or were they all parasites?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Rayman was not amused that the film captured Best Picture.  Just sayin.

Today, Sunday, we took Beau to the Rock for a walk.  While there I noticed bubbles in the bay.  Several creatures emerged.  Divers.  They seem to have been trying to maintain that elusive 6-foot distance.  There were plenty of people on land and they were extremely happy to see us, apparently.  Lots of hi’s were exchanged.  Actually, starved for human interaction may have been the reason but I prefer to think they were just thrilled to see US!!

On the way to the walk, I ducked into our very small health food store extending my search for clam juice.  Nada.  However, I did find black quinoa and gourmet pinto beans.  Oh, and vinegar for Neta that was only $5.99.  Snapped those things up and felt victorious.  The little things.  

After the walk, I called Neta with the good vinegar news.  Drove by and delivered it and we visited from afar, she in the house, me half way down her entrance way.  It left me feeling good to be useful and Neta was thrilled to get the vinegar.  She left the payment on a bench in an envelop, under a rock.  

After returning home, we had breakfast, worked on our puzzles and then headed out to north Paso to pick up our wine shipment.  Here are some pics of our wondrous ride.  

Graveyard Vineyard is owned by Paula and she was there to greet her only visitors of the day.  She assured us that had disinfected everything so we went in.  And what a great time was had by all.  She was offering wine on sale at a 40% discount.  Seems that this was their biggest money making event…the Zin Festival weekend of the year.  The festival was cancelled.  She was very disappointed as would we all be, I’m sure.  However, we laughed a lot anyway.  The winery is one of the most creative.  Their labels feature skeletons, ghosts and the like.  They also have some great merc.   Rayman spotted a wall hanging that was hanging with a bunch of other wall hangings.  It said, “I wanted to have a battle of the wits but you seem to be completely unarmed”.  We bought a few extra bottles and one sign with a saying that I cannot disclose because the recipient might read this and it would spoil the surprise…it is very funny too.  


After fond adieus, we visited the graveyard shown below.  Very sweet place.  If I hadn’t opted for fire, this would be a good choice.  We were in such a good mood, we didn’t stop to think that people might actually end up there.  


When we drove off toward Paso, I informed Rayman that he was lucky to have me because I am looking for fun, not misery.  In this time of trying events, I firmly believe we must do what we can to laugh.  And try to stay positive.  I am guessing that my declaration may have been a bit presumptive but, what the heck.

Came across resting goats.

To that end I am going to organize some fun.  A lip syching contest on-line.   Rayman and I will start it off…throw down the gauntlet, if you will.  So start preparing your “act”.  More info to followr!!!

Sheep grazing and paying very little attention to us.


Hairy Horses.


But I digress.

As if things weren’t bad enough, we watched Contagion tonight.  Interesting and a bit prothetic but comes close to matching Trump’s presser today.  Someone shut him up.  Whenever he talks, the markets tanks.  Futures took a hit today when he spoke.  There is a correlation between words spoken by this numbskull and stocks losing value.  Don’t believe it?  Check it out somewhere.  I know not where.  Nor do I care.  I can’t prove it but I just know it is truth ala Bill Maher.  He has a segment in some shows that is entitled just that.  And it is funnier than I am.  Guess that’s why he has a show and I have a blog!!

I suggested to a friend today that I wish Trump would just resign and go to FL.  That, however, would leave Pence in charge.  But Pence is so far up Trump’s ass, it will take major surgery to remove him and since we have a shortage of hospital beds…

Rayman picked up a pizza tonight and we feasted as we watched TV.  I’ll continue my clam juice search tomorrow so I can make my famous clam chowder.  It is amazing to me that people buy the stuff.  I really thought I was the only one.  

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