Loco Vida in Portlandia

Jq9bzLFDRmGFQkgvmqCSXAMy, today has been challenging because of “The Great Convergence”.  Let me just recount the events of the day.

Arose at 6:15 a.m.   Went to move The Dog House from our RV park location to a storage location.  We are now officially spending the nights at the skinny house (SH).   Cheaper to store than to camp.  The move including about an hour’s drive in morning traffic, weaving and dodging traffic all the way to Tualatlin from Troutdale.   The RV storage place has a command center.  That’s where Rayman disappeared for about 20 minutes to sign countless forms, present proof of insurance…etc.  Then from there, we drove a couple of miles to the actual storage lot.  There was a kiosk with a keypad and Rayman endeavored to put in his pin that he had just furnished to the command center.  It didn’t work.  He had to call.  He had chosen his phone number but he didn’t hit star first.  Oh, well, that was a precursor to what followed.  We parked the RV.   And rushed back to SH because we had my cousin’s husband standing guard as deliveries were expected.  Good thing because the chairs arrived first while he was there. 

What else was expected?  A package from Williams Sonoma, a package from Amazon, our new TV, the security service ADT, and the DishTV people. 

The TV was due yesterday but we received a call saying that they were moving delivery to this a.m.  When this a.m. came and went, Rayman drove to Best Buy to find out what happened to the TV because I called the local store and was on hold for 15 minutes before hanging up in disgust.  While he was gone, the ADT people showed up.  No sooner had they arrived when Rayman called to report that the TV was on the truck.  The store contracts out deliveries.  They could not reach the truck company.  The supervisor of the truck company did not answer.  It was organized chaos.  Rayman developed a very bad headache.  He came back with news that the TV was on the truck but no one could tell us when it might arrive. 

AS I mentioned, the ADT people were here.  Have you ever ordered home security?  It is high tech.  It requires a special word which must be remembered for verification when an emergency occurs.  It requires two different passwords.  More on that later.

So, we had purchased a mattress for our RV and when we received it before leaving on this trip, we decided we really didn’t need it but it was so expensive to return, we kept it.  It was in the garage.  Well, we decided after buying SH that we could use that mattress.  So, I spent a couple of hours on the UPS website arranging for shipment from our beach bungalow to our SH.  When I hit ship, something went wrong and the order never took.  This was a sign.  So, today I was resolved amid the chaos to try FedEx.  Actually, I signed up for an account and thought I had arranged the shipment.  But Fedex never showed up today.  So, I was actually working on why that was the case.  In the middle of discussing the situation with FedEx, the ADT people wanted to teach us how to use the system.  I asked Rayman to go and deal with it as I was on the phone.  He did.  He chose pins.  After my call, I joined then and as I was being taught how to use the system, it required Rayman to enter the pin.  IT DIDN”T WORK.  How many times has that happened to you?  Many for me in the privacy of my own home.  This however, involved two installers watching him forget the pin that he just entered.  Poor RAyman.  He was so flustered from the Best Buy experience, I think he just drew a blank. 

The other thing is that the guy that taught us spoke at breakneck speed and it was hard to follow.  I commented that they were probably going to have a beer and laugh about how dumb we were.  They didn’t deny it.  Just sayin.

So, right as the ADT people left, the TV arrived.  We are mounting the TV over the fireplace.  This requires a gizmo that tilts the TV.  Screws were missing.  Off to Best Buy we went.  We left with an HDMI cord.  No screws.  Final solution?  The screwed were included with the mounting gizmo.  Oh, and on the way to the Best Buy store Rayman got lost and this involved about a 15 minute detour which increased his headache.   The project was abandoned.  We opted for restaurant dining instead.

Epilogue:  The TV is mounted, the wifi is installed, the home security is activated.  It only took a week and a day.  We are fully wired and ready to roll!!!

Shopping Has Morphed

What is the difference between a coverlet and a quilt?  A quilt and a bedspread?  A bedspread and a duvet?  These topics consumed my quiet Sunday morning as I struggled to find a good look for the master bedroom.  Life used to be so much easier, less complex.  You bought a bedspread.  End of story.  You used blankets instead of comforters….often times there were many blankets on the bed when bitterly cold as Paso can be.  The weight was thrilling.  Cold sheets became warm as you huddled under the mountain of blankets shivering.  Electric blankets?  That was before electric blankets.  If you were sick, you might have a hot water bottle on your feet to ward off the cold. 

Now in our age of plenty, there are dust ruffles, comforters, shams (sometimes it feels like a sham), extra pillows for heightened decor, duvets, quilts.  Electric blankets have come and gone.  And so it goes.  All this caused me much confusion and bewilderment when attempting to buy some things on line, without benefit of touch.  No walking from the comforters to the throws.  Oh, my I neglected to mention the throws. 

Exasperated and getting bored, I finally put together an ensemble and when I hit the cart icon, $559,95 appeared.  Oh, my.  That was absurd.  So, I wandered off to other websites and tried to recreate the look.  Navy blue duvet, or was it coverlet?  Two down pillows, one down comforter…to force feed into the duvet, and a throw with a multiple of colors for, well, some interest.  $225.45.  Much better.  Hit send and in a few days, my bed “clothes” will arrive via UPS or FedEx.  Free shipping to my door of the skinny house. 

Rayman needed a connector for the sewer line.  Decidedly less troublesome.  It is one part.  It has one design.  $5.  Only no free shipping so off I went on Amazon, searching for kitchen gadgets that I needed to run up the bill for free shipping.  Hope it all arrives before our “gray” water tank fills up in TDH.  And while I’m at it, don’t you think Amazon is the perfect name?  Navigating the Amazon takes on additional meanings. 

Living in Morro Bay and by extension, San Luis Obispo county, there is no Ikea.  In Portland, there is an Ikea conveniently located next to the bridge that spans the Columbia River and takes you to the state of WA.  Right in the middle of the bridge, heading north, WA greets you to their fair state.  The red tape must have been a doozy.  Two states meeting in the middle of a river.   I’d be interested in THAT story.

But I digress.

Ikea was where we spent hours Saturday.  It is an enormous blue building.  A city block perhaps.  We arrived early to beat the crowd.  Our effort was a total failure.  The place was packed mostly with young people shop, shop, shopping.  The place has a restaurant where you can dine on Swedish meatballs.  While shopping, there are maps of the store showing you which way to walk.  The massive second floor is set us with total rooms using Ikea products.  The massive first floor is where you find your merchandise, Aisle 25 bin 4, for instance.  You load it on your big cart and head for the registers.  It is amazing.   While viewing the rooms, you get ideas for how their products look.  Then you figure out what you want or need or both.  And that is where the rub comes in.  We traversed that first floor many times trying to make decisions on things we wanted or needed.  It was as time consuming and confusing as my time on the web, Sunday, a.m.  After about 3 hours, we had on our carts:   1 full length mirror, a very small kitchen cart with a wood top, a chest of drawers, 12 wine glasses, a tiny wine rack for the pantry so the bottles can luxuriate on their sides, and a partridge in a pear tree,  Oh, and a big canvas picture that will adorn a wall somewhere.  $500.  Oh, plus $50 to deliver the loot, did we want it tonight, the clerk asked?  This outfit has all the bases covered.  When we went to pay, Rayman asked the cashier if was always this busy.  “No.  This is the busiest day of the year.”  We know how to pick em is all I can say.   Click the link.

After paying up, we pushed our carts over to the Home Delivery line.  While waiting, I espied a couple eating frozen yogurt on a cone.  That is when total hunger overcame me.  So, I told Rayman as he was paying for the delivery (yes, a separate charge transition) that I would go and get us each a cone.  Great, he agreed.  There was no line for the yogurt so there I was with two cones and my grocery-type smaller cart, juggling my purse, my wallet, and my curiosity.  What was taking so long?  Why was he still at the register of Home Delivery?  Somehow, I managed to get back to where he was and that is when I learned that the cashier had hit a wrong button and the machine froze up and she had to wait for the supervisor to clear the transaction.  I handed him the half melted cone of yogurt and headed for the car with my cart which held things that would fit in the car.  But I could not find the car.  Where the heck did we park?  It had been so long, the memory was being severely tested.  So I wandered.  While searching I ran into another lost woman which cheered me up.  She explained that she always parks in the same place except today she couldn’t find a spot.  There we were…both in a spot.  So as I licked my yogurt the search continued.  At long last I did find the car.  But where was Rayman?  As I was loading the things into the back of the Ford, my phone rang and it was Rayman.  He was looking for me…and the car.  I looked down the aisle, and there he was phone to the ear, scratching his head.  What a time at Ikea. 

It seems the cashier couldn’t find the supervisor as she was in a meeting and hadn’t told her underling of this development.  So she had to page another supervisor.  It took 20 minutes for the Rayman to escape the cashier’s station.  And get this, they are coming tomorrow between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.  Really. 

Such is the world of modern shopping. 

When I was a kid, shopping took place at the rummage sale held annually in the Guild Hall of the Episcopal church.  My grandfather used to say that my grandmother, whom he often referred to as “Mrs. Schumck” ( I have no idea why and at my tender age didn’t appreciate his humor/sarcasm) would take her junk to the church to donate and come back with new stuff equal to or greater than the things she donated.  Mrs. Peterson of Peachy Canyon fame and quite the soprano in the church choir, made donations that were always desired as were Mrs. Kohlweck’s.  They had good taste and everyone knew it.

The other method of shopping was to wander into the Mercantile.  It was a store that carried clothes, material and patterns, drapes, kitchen stuff.  I’m sure there were many other items in the store, but I only recollect the material and patterns part of the store.  That is where my grandmother bought her items that would be transformed into the clothes for me and her and my mom.   It was a very entertaining process, going to the Mercantile.  Often times my grandmother would be armed with something she intended to return.  That was a hobby of hers.  She was always buying something, dragging it home.  Suffering from buyers’ remorse, she would return it.  The ladies behind the counter probably laughed about it.  “Oh, look, here comes Birdie Dresser with a bag.  You wait on her.”  The other woman undoubted said, “No, it’s your turn.”  Squabbles may have ensued.  It could be trying.  Apparently what they thought of her didn’t bother her a whit.   She just kept buying and returning. 

There is some buyers’ remorse in me and I am sure it is learned behavior.  Ask Rayman.  He will tell you.  Why I’m suffering from it right now.  Was navy blue the right choice?  Should I have opted for that quilt?  And what about that silverware?  OMG, the silverware.   Unlike my grandmother, I try every way I can not to return things.  It can be very difficult.  I’m proud to say I plan to keep the skinny silverware.  It matches the house…skinny.  And it will be a constant source of opinions, speculation, and conversation.  That’s not so bad, now is it?

Must close now.  I’ve got a dish pan that the dinner plates don’t fit into and I must return it.

Portlandia Postscript


Happy birthday, Beau.  7 years old today!!  and to his sis, Jaycee!!

What’s been happening?  How are you, dear reader, doing these days?  Hopefully you are having fun.  Playing games.  Loving your family.  Reading a good book.

Portland is a city with great food.  We’ve been eating a lot of it.  Portland has lots of roads.  We are driving most of them.  Portland never sleeps.  We do.  Similarities have to end.  That’s what makes things interesting.   Let me recap all and ask you some questions.

In our new neighborhood, known as the Beaumont, is a busy street named Fremont.  Our new skinny house is 1/2 block off Fremont.  Fremont has a grocery store, an Ace Hardware store, the Grand Central Bakery, Pip’s Donuts, a bank, two breakfast joints, a manicure salon, a gym and that’s all within about 3 blocks from our front door.  So, this new house represents a lifestyle change.  We can walk a few feet and avail ourselves of many goods and services.  This is a good thing.  We are just a few blocks from the biggest cemetery I have ever seen.  Closeness takes on a new meaning with that bit of information, doesn’t it? 

Portland Café Menu

Our family is also close at hand.  My cousin is a 10 minute walk.  Her daughters are a 10 minute drive.  Ryan is across the Columbia in Vancouver, WA.   Their proximity is what drove us to locating where we are.  It is very cool.

So, what else has been happening?  And is this making me younger or older?  Suppose it is making me younger because everything is new.  Everything is a challenge.  The stairs to the bedroom are going to help me keep in shape.  Therefore, new stimulations are forcing us not to sit around and darn socks.  We aren’t left a lot of time to read, watch TV, cook…

Let’s examine the last 48 hours.  Rayman received a call from Ryan.  His dog had not been doing well.  Ryan was getting ready to drive to Burning Man out in the middle of some god-forsaken desert with his lady friend.  Only her Mom had a heart attack and she sold her ticket to Burning Man so that she could jet to Tucson to see her Mom.  So, Ryan was going alone.  But the dog was sick.  So, Rayman left for Vancouver, WA at 10 p.m. to be with him.  He did not return until about 1 a.m.  The dog was gone.  Congestive heart failure, a mass spotted.  Ryan decided to put her down because she was sick and her quality of life was dismal.  Rayman was very glad we were here to be of help at this difficult time. 

The next day we met our friends Al and Char at our house…our first visitors.  After a tour, we went down the street to the Grand Central Bakery for lunch.  While I was standing in line to order, the phone rang.  It was Susie.  I invited her to join us and ordered extra food.  When I went outside to join the party, Rayman was on his phone with my cousin, Chris, who lives down in Camarillo.  He had received a call from a long lost cousin.  What were the chances.  Sue is on my dad’s side.  Chris is on my mom’s side.  What a hoot.

While we were eating, a yellow jacket came along and made a pest of itself.  Al decided to execute a killing on their plate.  This spooked Charlie who then dropped her cup of soup all over herself and the cement patio.  Beau was under the table.  He enjoyed some of the soup before I could pull him away.  In the meantime, Rayman had ordered a BLT and everyone had their food but him…slow grill.  Sue arrived.  A great time was had by all except Charlie who was in the bathroom washing all the soup off her clothes. 

Next up was a 1 p.m. appointment with a window covering person, our third estimate.  About 1:10 she called to confess she was lost.  Then at 1:15 she called to say she left the samples at home.  She was making me feel good…however, her bid was too high. 

We unpacked boxes and I discovered that the Villory and Boch (spelling is all wrong) silverware I bought on-line and got a fabulous price on was not my fav but it did have the advantage of matching the skinny house…the handles are the skinniest I think I have ever seen.  But, hey, for the price, I loaded them in the dishwasher along with 16 plates (I thought I had ordered 8 but somehow the order got doubled), 24 glasses in two different sizes and started the machine which I am happy to report is very quiet.  Bought extra for parties!!

Then we moseyed over the cousin Susie’s to say hi to all the kids…she had them for dinner.  As we were leaving, Rayman backed into a car on the other side of the street (the street is 3 cars wide…skinny in other words).  That involved tracking down the owner, exchanging info before heading back to the Dog House.  Rayman kept kicking himself.  However, what are you going to do? 

That was yesterday. 

Today Ryan called and he received a call from his gal, Tamara.  Her mom had to have 6 stints which they did yesterday.  Today she had another heart attack.  And dialysis was ordered.  Tam called and ask Ryan to fly down and be with her.  So, he bought a ticket for the flight to Tucson, sold his ticket for Burning Man and needed a ride to the airport.  We obliged after we met the window covering woman we selected as our choice. 

While this was going on, we were trying to get our TVs in the Dog House to work.  New splitters were needed.  They sent us new splitters without the requisite power supplies.  We asked them to overnight the power supplies.  Paid $100 for that.  They did not arrive.  FedEx “lost them”.  Then they found them.  Then I called Tiffin to ask them to ask FedEx to refund our money.  Never heard back.   In the meantime, Rayman installed new equipment and the TVs don’t work.  Ugh.

Our chairs and bed were delivered today.  Forgot to mention that. 

So…here we are and after all this…I think I have decided I might be getting older. 

Portlandia Runs Us Ragged

OMG.  It is perhaps time when we should NOT take it upon ourselves to own two houses and an RV.  It’s akin to the difference between having one baby and then have another.  It’s not twice the work, it’s like 1o times the work.  What were we thinking?

Today we have been busy, both of us, arranging insurance, arranging escrow money, arranging bed delivery, arranging a repair on our RV (under warranty, safety recall), arranging the transfer of funds electronically, arranging a TV splitter for the RV reimbursement, arranging for another quote for window coverings (a better name for a product I do not know),  arranging, arranging, arranging. 

Then there is the shopping.  OMG.  New bed, new chairs, new couch,.  Those were done in person at stores in the area.  Getting a mixer, a toaster oven, a food processor, one knife, flatware, glasses, dishes, splitters (for the TV in The Dog House, TDH), spray goop for TDH…all via Amazon in the comfort of TDH, and heaven knows what else.  So many things that I don’t even remember and I don’t want to print it all out to check.

Then there was arranging for a certification of trust for our trust (think attorney).  See… that was very important and I forgot.

Tonight we go to Tom and Collete, bicycle friends for dinner, last night my cousin’s daughter and son-in-law had us over for a lovely dinner in their backyard which is also lovely.  It seems that is  how our days are going…working during the day and parties at night.  So I can only snivel so much.

Tomorrow is escrow, golf in the late afternoon with Ryan (if the air is better), and dinner out, I’m thinking with Ryan.

Friday is the concert to see Portugal the Man at Edgefield, a fabulous venue near our RV park with Ryan and his gal, Tamara.  Take a listen.  They are a group in Portland and hail from Wasilla, Alaska.  Can’t make this stuff up.

Then I must wedge in  my Sunday crossword puzzle, my blog, the book I’m reading and I need a pedicure. 

So, back to my original question:  What were we thinking? 

It has been so smokey here we defrosted a rack of lamb and don’t want to barbecue because of the smoke.  Plus our evening activities have over-ridden the lamb so guess I will be tossing it. 

One thing is for sure, no grass is growing under our feet.  Speaking of grass, mosts Portlanders don’t water their lawns in the summer so they are all brown and unsightly.  During the rainy system, no problem.  While is is smart, it isn’t very attractive.  And we have yet to see artificial grass.  Good for the environment though, as saving water is a good thing. 

More to come.

Going to Disneyland

Where should I start?    Should I begin with the latest since it is freshest in my mind and has the advantage of details not slipping away…yet…like the boat floating away from the dock before a person gets onboard.  My dear cousin, Susie, and hubby, Larry, are wonderful people.  They planned a trip with their youngest daughter, Kristen, Kristen’s hubby, Cenk, and the three children…Leyla who is 6, Emre and Ezgi who are 2 3/4 for Disneyland.  And she also invited her niece, and her two children ages about 9 and 11 to participate.  And that trip started today.    The Plan:  Kristen, Cenk and the kids would fly separately to LAX at about 8:00 a.m. (see I’m already losing the details.).  She and Larry would fly at 10:30 to Orange County.  So, Susie was to pick the kids up this a.m. at 5:15 and drive them to the Portland airport.  When she arrived at their house, she found them all asleep…the clock was set incorrectly.  I’m guessing here that the clock is digital.  Digital clocks are a bane to man’s existence because they are unreliable because of their difficulty of use.  A few days before we left home (Morro Bay) I went to Radio Shack (itself a hard place to find as they shrink in number) and asked them for an analog clock.  They had exactly one.  I bought it and haven’t had an issue since (well, one, but let’s not dwell on details).

But I digress.

So, the Family Circus ensued.  Miraculously, they made it to the airport.  Sue dropped them off and was on the way home when the phone rang.  They left the kid’s carseats in the car.  Sue had to retrace her drive to the airport where they met up to get the carseats.  That is when Sue learned that their flight had been delayed for mechanical issues.  Sue drove home.  A bit later, we arrived as we were giving Sue and Larry a ride to the airport for their flight.  We arrived early so she wouldn’t worry about getting to the airport late.  The phone rang.  The kid’s flight would be about noontime now.  Imagine.  Three children for hours at the airport.  Ugh.  Poor everyone.



Sue gave Larry sometime to do and he didn’t hear her.  “Larry, do you have your hearing aids on?”  Larry replied that his hearing aids were in the suitcase.  Oh, my.  We jumped in the car and took Sue and Larry to the airport.  Three blocks into our mission, Sue asked, “Larry, do you have your wallet?”  There was a pregnant pause.  “What?”, Larry replied.  Sue said again, “Larry, do you have your wallet?  If your hearing aids weren’t in your suitcase, you might have heard the question.”  Larry said, “No.”  Sue said, “You don’t have your wallet?”  Larry said he didn’t.  Rayman made a u-turn and we went back to the house for the wallet.   No I.D., no plane trip.   We arrived at the airport.  They jumped out and we drove away.  They were on their way.    But wait.  There’s more.  Awhile later Sue texted me to report that Larry lost his boarding pass right after Sue gave it to him.  Rayman and I howled.  This all made us feel good because we are not the only ones that have these type of adventures.  In fact, Sue while sitting in the backseat on the way to PDX praised the idea of staying home.  “It’s so much easier.”  Truer words were never spoken.

So, all you people that think you are the only ones…you are not.  Traveling results in many misadventures as well as adventures.  It’s like a golf swing.  You have a good round and you think to yourself, “My, I have it.  I finally have it.”  Only to go out after shooting 93 and you shoot 105.  That’s how travel is too.  Sometimes it goes slick as whistle.  The next time it could be a total debacle.  So here is to my cousin, dear Susie.  May she and her family have a fabulous time at Disneyland.  And, yes, Susie, we will see on Thursday when we pick you up (perhaps literally) at the airport.  Hope you have a swell trip.

image2 image4

What the Heck Have We Been Up To?


Smoke.  Up in smoke.  That’s what we have been up to ever since we departed Morro Bay.  Why did we leave?  Don’t ask.  Just kidding.  We had planned this trip in April.  Who knew the biggest wildfire in CA history was going to happen?  Having said this, we perhaps should have considered the fire season.  It’s the new normal, according to Gov Brown and me.  Last summer we choked for the most of the days we vacationed in Canada.  Horrendous fires up there too and yet, the fires didn’t even enter our minds while we planned.  Planning by the way involved countless hours staring at maps, apps and other tools of the RVers.  During the summer it is vital to have reservations as everyone else with an RV is on the road too.  And I personally refuse to camp at a Wal-Mart.  Just sayin. 

So, we consulted this and that and that and this and a plan was the output of all the research.  Then calls are made.  Sometimes you can make a reser on the internets but many times a call must be made.  Once you talk with the RV park, credit card info is given to assure your spot.  That is all my job…the reservations, that is. 

So, it is no small matter to change plans midstream but that is exactly what we had to do because of the poor air quality in the Sierras.  We met our friends up at Graeagle as planned and we played in Truckee the day after our arrival in smoke that was so thick, it was hazardous to our health.  After that we wondered what we were thinking…and then we played Plumas Pines in the smoke.  No more enjoyable but slightly less smokey.  Then our friends flew the coop.  She was not feeling well and we totally supported that decision. 

So we decided to fly the coop too.  And you know what that entailed…cancelling all those reservations.  We reasoned that things were not going to improve, our friends were gone, and anyway, we had a house to buy and it was exceedingly difficult to do it from afar. 

This is.a sad story.  We haven’t gotten lost much on this trip.  Except in Los Banos which I have already written about.   We are a bit disappointed because when we get lost, it is usually an adventure.  However, other things have popped up to fill the void.

The TV:

Yes.  Our TV stopped working.   We ignored it for a few days but then decided we wanted to watch TV so we tried to figure out what was wrong.  This involved going to Jupiter Satellite store in Redmond, OR with our Wally device (think DishTV).  A nice man there tested the receiver and pronounced it fit as a fiddle.  After calling some RV place that works on Tiffin RVs, we were told they could not help us for a few weeks.  So, Rayman called our friend, Jake, that has a Tiffin too.  He counseled Rayman on ways to trouble shoot a few things.  And so he did and he discovered a plug had come loose.  Voila.  TV again.  That took the most part of a day. 

The Car:

Yes,  our car air conditioning stopped working.  This was serious as it was over 100 degrees and we had to drive back to the RV which was about 20 miles away with the windows down while breathing air so ladened with smoke, you could cut it with a knife.  That was not fun.  So, Rayman went to work with his volt meter and duct tape.  After three times of the air conditioner starting to work and then stopping again, he finally got it to work so that it now stays on…and the funny thing is, as soon as he was successful, the weather changed and got cooler.  We knew the world revolved around everything we did.  Just proof…again.


This picture was taken inside the carwash in Sisters, OR.  Needed to get the dust off.

The Water Heater:

This happened in the Sierras.  Our water heater in the RV went on the fritz.  That repair necessitated a man coming from Reno to Clio, CA to replace the hot water heater controller.  Subsequent to that experience, I authored a letter to Tiffin with a copy of the receipt asking if they would help defray the $525 bill.  More on that later when the reply is received.

So life on the road is never without trauma and drama but also unexpected events too.  Why just tonight at the Sisters RV park just east of Sisters, OR they had a catered barbecue for the park.  $15 a plate.  We decided to do it.  They even had a band and Rayman and I got up and cut the rug with one other couple…La Bamba.  Arriba, arriba. 

But I digress.

Anyway, while we were dining in a grassy field we looked up and saw a plane that looked like it was landing at the fairgrounds next door.  The plane was helping with a fire that had broken out just east of this park about 2 hours earlier.  It was a sight.  So was the helicopter with a bucket on a long “rope” flying here and there.  We think the fire is out.  No sign of smoke.  When the fire broke out, the sirens were constant.  They jumped all over it.  Hooray to the fire fighters.  We love them and thank them for all they do. 4cl+Era1SqGcpngSgxJKfw

So, we cancelled our trip on the loneliness road in America and here we are until Wednesday.  On Wednesday we head to Portland and will be there closing escrow then leaving for Anacordes, WA for a few days and a visit to the San Juan Islands.  Then back down to Silver Cover RV Resort near Mt. St. Helens and then back to Portland on the 8th of Sept.  Then we will stay there outfiitting our new skinny house.  It needs everything.  Window coverings, dishes, pots, pans, beds, towels, garbage cans…etc, etc, etc.   The Anacordes, Silver Cove part of this was previously planned…just the part the included Nevada, Idaho and Grand Coolie dam were cancelled to allow us to get to Portland earlier.  We also thought we would escape the smoke.  Not.  It has been very smokey in Bend/Redmond/Terrebonne area.  Until today.  It got cooler and windy…what a relief. 

So that’s about it for now.  Hope all our friends and family and healthy and happy.  We are missing everyone.  And Beau is missing his sister, Jaycee.